X-notifier does not work with Firefox29

It seems that Firefox29 doesn't send cookies from X-notifier,

so I can't login the mail website without enter the user name and password.

X-Notifier is working fine with Firefox 29... perhaps try reinstalling X-Notifier.

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Thanks, It works now.

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ff29, my own sever imap: don't work, say me always "not cecked"

with other gmail account, works fine

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into my log say only [301] near the email address

clear cache, reboot firefox-->none

First... there is a new version 3.4 of X-Notifier, to try.
Otherwise, just guessing...
Could you have changed something on your server? 
It looks like 301 is a 'redirect' message... something is asking for a particular http address and the software is telling there is no such address or there is some redirection to another address?

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I've already 3.4 version.
My imap server works fine, and no have no issue: works fine with webmail,outlook, thunderbird, seamonkey...
imap have mail.100asa.it address

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After reinstalling  X-Notifier, it works fine. But it not work after one day.

I have two synchronized PCs. I don't konw if it matters.

Now, I am reinstalling  version 3.4