X-Notifier Neo stops polling when you disable/enable the add-on (Firefox)

I don't know if the developer is monitoring this forum, but I just switched over from the basic X-Notifier to the Neo version in order to get Hotmail/Live.com working again (along with my gmail account), and it does appear to work for the most part (although my Hotmail account seems to drop from the list and I have to manually go to hotmail.com to get it working again, not sure why this happens, if anyone has any ideas, please let me know).


As I said, it appears to work for the most part, however if I disable the X-Notifier Neo add-on in Firefox and then re-enable it, it no longer polls for new emails.  What is strange is that if I select "Refresh" from the drop down, it WILL run a scan and report any new emails, it just doesn't do it automatically anymore (even after doing the Refresh).

When it is in this no-polling state, I am able to get it working again by going in to the "Options" for the add-on and pressing the "Save" button (no need to make any changes of the options).

So it looks like there is some initialiazation that is not taking place when you enable the add-on this way that IS taking place after the browser starts up or after a config save.

The reason I disable the add-on periodically is because I want to leave Firefox running, but I don't want the polling to occur while I am connected to my work VPN, to avoid using work resources to poll for new personal emails every 5 minutes.