X-Notifier Causing Outlook to Constatly Refresh?

Has anyone else recently experienced xNotifier being responsible for causing Outlook to constantly refresh? I had tried all the suggested fixes for this problem until I tried disabling the extension. So far the problem has not recurred. I am using version 4.2.23 not NEO but there was no place else to post this!

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Same annoying ass issue here on Win 11 and Firefox regular notifier 4.2.23

Taking me 30+ minutes to sort though shipping emails to find out what has been delivered out of what is still enroute after Prime Day. It's just so awesome to be looking at an email body to have the page flash white with an envelope in the middle and to then be dumped back in the root folder you were in not having any idea which email you just opened before the refresh.

I don't even think this extension is updated anymore and it's about to find it's way off my computers for something different if this stupid crap doesn't stop soon.


I had this issue as well, but didn't know it was due to X-Notifier.  I have since switched to X-Notifier Neo and I don't beleive I have the issue anymore (at least I haven't seen it in the past few days since I switched).

Polling for new emails on Hotmail stopped working for me on X-Notifier, so that is why I switched.  On Neo it appears to work but it has it's own quirks (like Hotmail being dropped from the list so it no longer polls for new emails until you manually go the hotmail.com).

 P.S. There IS another forum here for the regular X-Notifier (https://xnotifier.tobwithu.com/dp/forum/2)