Can't sign in to more than 3 gmail accounts on Firefox

This has only been happening for a few days. I think Gmail has changed something about its sign in, because XN will only sign in to three accounts, and when I click on the red account, it used to take me to the Google login, but now it takes me to a Google accounts page, and I can't sign in. Sign in just takes me to my main account, and the option to add another account is no longer an option when I click on my icon.

ETA: I went to Chrome and signed in to all four of my gmail accounts, as I could add another account through that browser. However, when I come back to FF and try to check those accounts, it still wont' sign into the last account. I tried deleting and reentering the account, but still no joy. When I click on the red account, it does not take me to, but to my primary account mail.

Do you know anything about this? I did put an inquiry up in Gmail help forum also. ETA: I'm also going to ask for help for FF, because there is definitely a problem there.

I have 4 Gmail Accounts no problem logging into them on Microsoft Edge based on Chromium

and no problem logging into them on Mozilla Firefox 

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This doesn't help me. I'm happy for you, but I still have the same problem.

Actually it does help, to a certain extent.
  If Google had changed something in the login process, most likely we would all be having trouble checking for new email in gmail, until the developer updated X-Notifier. So... since the forum is not flooded with messages saying gmail doesn't work, and others still have working gmail accounts... and you, yourself, have the accounts working in Chrome... it's more likely there is a glitch in your Firefox/X-Notifier setup.
- Jeroen knows more about what's happening with gmail and  Firefox... maybe he will have something to add to help.
I only have three gmail accounts and they're working in latest Chrome and Firefox.  
Persistence pays... you cuold delete the accounnt definitions in X-Notifier, clear cache and xnotifier cookies, close the browser... then restart it, and go to the Help, About menu to check for a browser update and do that...  and then redefine your four accounts.  If that doesn't work, you could set up a new user profile in Firefox and add X-Notifier/accounts to test if it works in a new user profile.
Good luck.  As I said, maybe Jeroen has some ideas. I don't keep up with the forum as much, or Firefox... since Chrome still lets us add custom scripts and Firefox doesn't.

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I tried before (17-2-2020):

I cannot help when you don't follow up on advice. Then I have nothing to go on.
One addition: don't specify a check interval below 5 minutes for any of your accounts. Google might block your device (Firefox on your IP address) when you are hammering their webservers...

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My interval is set to 10 minutes.

I didn't reply to your other message because it resolved itself. The difference now is that I have a VPN. I've whitelisted the gmail login page on the VPN, so there should be no problem there, and there doesn't seem to be once I sign into all accounts manually, but that's just a pain. I need to be able to turn accounts on and off, and it won't connect to any additional accounts, only ones I've logged into manually.

I had the VPN on this morning, and it couldn't check any of them. Yesterday, when I disconnected the VPN, it at least checked a couple, but not all. Today, I disconnected and closed the VPN and it still won't connect to any of them. I contacted the VPN, but they had no answers, said the VPN shouldn't interfere if I have the gmail login page whitelisted.

I've cleared my cache, restarted the browser, restarted x-notifier, and even restarted my computer to no avail.

This is very important to me. I realize this is a free add-on, and I really do appreciate that, being as I live below the poverty level and am trying to earn money online. I just don't know what to do now. X-notifier is doing what it's supposed to do - checking every 10 minutes -- but it can't get through. Something is blocking it.

Thank you for all your help.


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I have no experience with VPN.
But I read from your reply you turn your VPN on and off. That means you loose all your Google seesions on disconnecting, unless I misunderstand VPN. Like I explained before (did you read and understand?) the X-notifier Gmail script fails to login all "newer" accounts (I have over 10 accounts, from which 5 very old ones still get logged in by X-notifier). So I guess it is possible you have 3 old accounts that get logged in by X-notifier and the rest will have to get logged in every time you reconnect your VPN. But again, I may misunderstand/underestimate VPN functionality.

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I do turn my VPN on and off, because I don't have a fast ISP, and it slows it down, so I have to turn it off so I can do certain things. So if I turn the VPN off, then XN won't sign me back in? I have to sign in myself?

The problem is that XN can be working fine with the VPN off, then when I turn it on, suddenly, XN cannot check my accounts. Then when I turn it off, XN still does not check my accounts.

I have always had the problem with XN not checking all my accounts properly, even on Chrome. I almost always have to sign into some accounts manually to get them to work, and then sometimes, they'll be working and then stop working. I've run both browsers in safe mode with all the same problems.

But I won't bother you anymore. I'll just sign in manually every time I use my computer and not worry anymore about it, even though it's frustrating that so many people have no problem with XN and I have so many. Thanks for your help.

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1. Go to your Firefox Options (about:preferences)
2. Click Privacy & Security (about:preferences#privacy)
3. Scroll down to Cookies and Site Data
4. Uncheck option Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed

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Thank you. I really do appreciate all you do on the forums to help people, and I just want you to know that. XN is a great add-on, and one I don't think I could live without. The idea of going back to signing in and out of so many accounts manually several times a day is unthinkable. I've tried several other add-ons and just can't find its equal. Everyone who helps on this forum and with development and maintenance of XN rocks!


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I have 10 GMAIL accounts that I check regularly without a problem and another 8 more that I check in using a PRIVATE mode every so often.  I also use Thunderbird to check ALL my GMAIL/YAHOO/HOTMAIL accounts when I want to login to all of them at once.