Gmail not loading

First, it would only load a couple of gmails, now it won't load any. Is there a limit as to how many it will load? Since Google only allows 4 accounts now, and I have many more than that from long ago before they made that restriction, will it just not recognize more than 4?

I have to go to gmail itself and log into my main account, then add one account at a time for x-notifier to recognize them. Sometimes even that doesn't work. I'm using 4.2, latest iteration I believe on Firefox.

Check Now does nothing. Will re-installing help?

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1. Max Google (Gmail) account login is 10, limitted by Google, not by X-notifier.
2. The Gmail script for X-notifier does not login all (newer) Gmail accounts, but those accounts will still work in X-notifier after manual login (Add account).
3. In order to keep login session for those accounts on browser restart, you should not let your browser delete the google cookies upon browser closure - about:preferences#privacy

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Thank you. I'll fix that preference, because right now, it doesn't log in ANY accounts until I add them manually. Still the best notifier around, though. Nothing else works with Firefox.

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Uncheck: Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed
Or: Manage permissions...
NB: You will have to login again on cookie expiration.