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I started a personal blog


I started a personal blog.

 It's a blog about the daily life of living with bipolar disorder. 

Third-party cookies problem in X-notifier for Firefox


When X-notifier tries to login, third-party cookies should be allowed in Firefox.

If not, X-notifier cannot login.

You can change this settings in Firefox.

 Options -> Privacy & Security ->  Enhanced Tracking Protection -> Custom

 Uncheck "Cookies"

 Or  select "Cookies from unvisited websites"

However, this is less secure way. I recommend to use X-notifier Neo.

X-notifier will not support Gmail any more (X-notifer Neo will)


Recently Gmail updated their login page.

It is more complicated than the previous page.

I could not find a way to simulate user login in X-notifier.

(Maybe it is what google wants)

In future update of X-notifier, Gmail script will be dropped.

If you need Gmail notification, try to use X-notifier Neo.

Firefox :

Future of X-notifier for Firefox


Firefox is preparing huge changes in its internal structure.

Becuase of these changes, X-notifier for Firefox cannot keep current features.

Current version is based on XUL/XPCOM. It will be deprecated near future.

It is recommended to use WebExtension API.

It is nearly same as Chrome Extension API.


X-notifier comparison


More secure

Easy to use

Message preview

Message management

X-notifier is back to Chrome Web Store


X-notifier is back to Chrome Web Store with different style.

This is whole new version of X-notifier.

- detect login automatically
- don't need to save password
- preview messages
- manage unread mails in one place
- support gmail multiple login

Cannot find X-notifier in Chrome Web Store


X-notifier was blocked from Chrome Web Store.

I am trying to find the reason.

Until then, you can download X-notifier for Chrome here.

Gmail login problem is fixed.


Gmail  2-step verification was updated again.

Please update to the latest version if you have problem with Gmail.

Gmail login problem is fixed.


Recently, gmail has updated login process.

This is fixed in the latest version of X-notifier.

You can get it here.

Please test X-notifier 3.3a


X-notifier 3.3a has a lot of new features.
Please test it before the release.

You can get it here.

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