Future of X-notifier for Firefox


Firefox is preparing huge changes in its internal structure.


Becuase of these changes, X-notifier for Firefox cannot keep current features.

Current version is based on XUL/XPCOM. It will be deprecated near future.

It is recommended to use WebExtension API.

It is nearly same as Chrome Extension API.


In short, next version of X-notifier for Firefox(X-notifier 4.0) will be based on WebExtension API.

It will be nearly same as X-notifier for Chrome.

Current setting are not shared with X-notifier 4.0.

Please use export/import function before you update to 4.0.


--- Added in 2016-09-08 -------------------------------

X-notifier 4.0 could not pass review process of AMO.

This is because of 'eval' function which is used to load userscript.

It means that you cannot use userscript in X-notifier 4.0 for Firefox.

I recommend to use X-notifer Neo.



--- Added in 2016-12-01 -------------------------------

If you want to stick to 3.5.23,

1. In Firefox's Add-ons Manager -> X-notifier -> More -> Set 'Automatic Update' to 'Off'

2. Install 3.5.23 from here https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/xnotifier/versions/

This version will stop working in the future according to Firefox team's plan.