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Only if it was on xnotifier, I would ditch Gmail and Yahoo completely.

Thanks in advance!


I'm also very interested in a script for

They have over 1 million users already and growing fast. Seems to be one of the most secure email services available. They have free and paid accounts. You can even use your own domain address with their service. And they have mobile apps to access by cell phone.

The only thing missing is an xnotifier script.


Please consider adding a script for Protonmail. There are many users and they are adding new features all the time. But, they don't offer a way to login to multiple accounts. So this script would be very helpful in windows, using firefox.


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Adding my name to the list of request for a script.

Thank you very much!

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Check this thread to request a new script, you need to send an account to X-Notifier developer:

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protonmail is gaining popularity its a killer free email service could we get a script added?

- As Kalimist tried to tell everyone (via the link) in his/her post, a test account (username and password) is needed to develop a script.  The developer is very busy with real life, but anyone with the skills can create a custom script... if they have an account to work with.

--- So, you can try sending a test account login info to the X-Notifier developer at ...or perhaps someone else will help create the script.

- NOTE:  Firefox is on general release 54 now... Mozilla has suggested it will terminate the Application Programming Interface on which X-Notifier 3.x was developed, when Firefox 57 is released. So, on Firefox 57 and above, X-Notifier 3.x will no longer work and you'll have to use X-Notifier 4.x on those newer Firefox releases. That newer Firefox's version of X-Notifier... 4.x ...does not support custom scripts at all.
However... the Chrome version of X-Notifier 4.x -does- still support custom scripts.