New FB interface, not checked

Facebook is rolling out a new interface.
XN not checking FB account.

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Neither XN's nor your April 2020 script are checking, both  log me into my Inbox.
XN's gives up. Yours continues trying to check.
I can email you a screenshot of my new interface... just switched today... although seems XN's FB script stopped checking a couple days ago, if I remember correctly.

Sent a screenshot of FB in email.

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The current script does not log you in. You once did yourself long ago. It just stays logged in over browser restart for a loooong time.

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Try logout, remove facebook cookies, restart browser, login.
The current script does not login: you have to login manually.

I believe deleting FB cookies did it.
I had already tried logging out, restarting.


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I am getting confused myself now...

I fixed the login procedure some days ago. It is not perfect: one has to click Check Now twice. But then it works for both classic and new interface (next release). I am still testing whether it always does.

Hello folks. I tried the latest FB script, but still can't get it to work with the new interface. Tried all the classic solutions: logging out, restarting, deleting cookies, etc. Any ideas?

I was not able to get FB working back in May, I believe.
I gave up.
I go to Facebook everyday anyway... then I see notifications.

OK, at least it's not just me. Thanks for your reply.