Gmail not loading

First, it would only load a couple of gmails, now it won't load any. Is there a limit as to how many it will load? Since Google only allows 4 accounts now, and I have many more than that from long ago before they made that restriction, will it just not recognize more than 4?

I have to go to gmail itself and log into my main account, then add one account at a time for x-notifier to recognize them. Sometimes even that doesn't work. I'm using 4.2, latest iteration I believe on Firefox.

Check Now does nothing. Will re-installing help?

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1. Max Google (Gmail) account login is 10, limitted by Google, not by X-notifier.
2. The Gmail script for X-notifier does not login all (newer) Gmail accounts, but those accounts will still work in X-notifier after manual login (Google-account icon: Add another account).
3. In order to keep login session for those accounts on browser restart, you should not let your browser delete the google cookies upon browser closure -  Firefox about:preferences#privacy   Chrome chrome://settings/cookies

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Thank you. I'll fix that preference, because right now, it doesn't log in ANY accounts until I add them manually. Still the best notifier around, though. Nothing else works with Firefox.

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Uncheck: Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed
Or: Manage permissions...
NB: You will have to login again on cookie expiration.