Can't get two aol accounts to work any more

I can't even get any info to show up in the log file either.

One of mail aol accounts always works and the other is in red for the past week or two.

What can i do to help you solve this problem?


X-notifier was update , make sure you have good security set for your AOL email . Always add a phone number and extra email 

clear your history , cache ,  make sure your browser is up to date . If this still doesn't work than get back to us .

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Hi digideth,
It might be like my situation with 2 accounts:
Uncheck your working account in the XN Options list of accounts (Save) and log out from that account. Now click Check Now to conclude X-notifier is also working for your other account: one at a time, just not simultaneously (the aol script does not succeed in switching accounts anymore). 

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Thanks jeroen.

It works just like you described.... bummer that this can't be fixed.

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It used to work, so I reckon it can be fixed.

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Can't get two aol mail accounts to work with x notifier anymore.  I have to manually log out of both accounts before even one account will work with xnotifier... The extension is useless to me like this.

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I found the solution and it works!

The logout procedure is 2-step. AOL added a new crumb (hidden) field in the html (in the nameless confirmation form) to serve as the crumb parameter for the logout url.

I will send the solution to admin (tobwithu(s).

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I can provide the working script to Chrome/Opera users that choose not to wait for the next X-notifier release and it's approval for availability on the Chrome Webstore, when desired so and indicated here.

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Fixed in 4.2.18.

Thank you jeroen.

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Firefox update was very fast!

Except I have 3 accounts and I'm using version 4.2.19

It's strange, I've got two AOL accounts associated with X-Notifier, and they keep randomly switching as to which one wants to work and which one doesn't. I've tried this both on the latest version of X-notifier and the older 3.5.23 version I use because I prefer one-click opening and the exact same thing happens between versions. I've tried logging in and out, clearing my cache, different browsers and even switching between standard and basic versions of the mailboxes, but the results are the same, randomly switching.

I wonder if this is a problem on AOL's side.

Either way I'll keep using the add-on because it's annoying to imagine losing the convenience of one-click opening an email, but still inconvenient.

and now NEITHER of them work.

Try deleting them, clear cache/cookies, restarting the browser, and redefine them.

That seems to have fixed it, hopefully it'll stay that way, thank you.

Spoke too soon, it's happening again

This is strange

Try it again. I think I had something similar, but eventually it settled down. Persistence pays sometimes.


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Yes, one account is greyed out: AOL does not offer the functionallity to have more than one account logged in at the same time by itself. So the X-notifier script needs to switch account like you do yourself: logout from your one and login to your other account. The 'random' switching is defined by the check interval you set for both accounts.

In my case I sometimes get the AOL login page during switching. I'm guessing the switching process might take too long for some users internet connection and the scripts time-out (waiting process) for logout/login response from the AOL webmail server is then too short. A second Check Now solves this for me (instead of logging in manually).

To have them both not working is not correct. Might be the same problem: try an extra Check Now...

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Aol hasn't been working for me for about 6 weeks now. The aol email is in red, and constantly loops me to "you are no longer signed into aol, please log in again. I have this on both firefox and chrome..same issue. I'm constantly having to resign in. I've deleted cookies, cache..x-notifier..etc many time. Used to work its a constant headache.