Yahoo script stopped alert unread messages

Hi Guys, Since yesterday yahoo stopped show new messages. Checking and webmail panel login go well, but without unread messages alert. This issue appeared on all yahoo accs. Could any master kindly check whats wrong? x-notifier4.2.6 Same thing on 3.x

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There was a change in yahoo mail.

Fixed in 4.2.17

thank you for a quick attention to this matter! unfortunately updated 4.2.17 script still doesn't show new messages.

p.s.Is it possible to fix the 3.x too as it still alive for some old external scripts. I would be ready to donate for that.

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 I updated to 4.2.17 in Firefox.
Comparing in Notepad++ to the 4.2.16 version results in a match: the 2 yahoo scripts are identical. Something went wrong in your update...

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Try to login to your yahoo account manually.

For 3.x, I don't want to update old version.

However, you can use yahoo.js file in 4.x.

The updated script checks yahoo successfully as well as previous version and I can open webmail through x-notifier but the only problem is "no new messages found". Manual log in also goes well everywhere. p.s.  Applied all steps in your link.

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There was a mistake while updating X-notifier for Firefox.

Please update to

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And working again after logging out and restarting firefox.

May be you can make same changes in 3.x? ) It would be very appreciated

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Just doing it.