Hotmail not working on X-notifier

Hotmail doesn't seem to work on either firefox or chrome. This just stratedthe other day so maybe it's the firefox update again. I tried clearing cache and cookies but still the same. Anyone have any solutions?

*Update: Now chrome seems to be working but not firefox

Since Chrome works, FFox should.  If Chrome works, then the following suggestion shouldn't matter... but I noticed a login problem for Microsoft-based accounts (which I posted about)...

Just wanted to bring to everyone's attenton in order for me to log into my Outlook, Hotmail  account i was told that a updates was being made than i pressed Next than refreshed my XN 42.14 than everything clear up now i have no problems . This has worked for both my Firefox and Chrome browesrs. Now i can log in with no issues. 

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Amazing, I had to manually update X-N and then it worked. I thought it was set to manually update but apprently no. Thanks for the help.