Problems with Outlook and Live notifications


I have added 5 Hotmail accounts (2, 2 and 1 inX-notifier. However, it shows notifications for the 2 hotmail only but not for outlook and live accounts. I have to manually login each time on outlook and live accounts. I have been facing this problem for more than 6 months. I tried on latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Brave browsers in Windows 10 64-bit pc, cleared cache and cookies, reinstalled browsers but same problem in all 3 browsers.

Here is the screenshot of the problem.

Do I need to edit anything in settings of outlook and live accounts? I did check settings in them but did not find any problem. Please help.



Yes i was experiencing the same problem .What steps i took is i made a new Firefox profile that helped one time for while with me. Than that only worked for while . Than i found out when I was trying to log into my Outlook account i had to place the password and went through a few steps and that's the only thing that helped me.  This has been a on going issue with X-Notifier. I wish it would stay fixed.