XN 4.2.11 not checking default Gmail account

I have XN 4.2.11 in Firefox 65.0.2 checking 8 Gmail accounts. A few weeks ago, Suddenly it stopped checking my default account, yet it still checks the other 7 just fine.
Then there was the update to XN 4.2.11 and I was hoping that would fix it, but it only changed it from being red all the time to it's normal colour; as if it's being checked, but it still usually doesn't show any new mail, or sometimes it'll show 1, even though there can be dozens of new messages in my inbox.

I have tried completely removing the account from XN, and re-adding it, but nothing changed.
I changed which account is set as default, and now ALL Gmail accounts are RED.
I'm at a loss at what to try next...
Any advice?

I made a new Firefox profile but not working again and Gmail . Hotmail, Outlook emails are all in red color . I've deleted cookies, history, cache,  If anyone has any advice it would be highly appreciated  but the same thing is happening in Firefox and Chrome Browsers . Thank You , CyberToothTiger

Update: Now it's not just my default account, it's several of them.
Sometimes it will tell me there's 1 new message, but when I log into that account, I find there's actually several new messages. As an example, I just turned on Firefox and XN checked each account; none showing any new messages. But I click on hte first one and I have 8 new messages... I click on the 2nd one and I have 3 new messages... etc., etc.
So at this point, I have to go through each account a few times a day just to see if there is any new messages, as I can't count in XN to tell me if there is any or not. :(

Yes i agree it is affecting more than just one account but several . 

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started with gmail checking about 5 out of 7 accounts, but usually msg count would be off....for last two weeks all gmail accounts in red and have gone in manually and logged into each one and added accounts from google, have uninstalled and installed x notifier but nothing working?  dont know if anyone else who posted before got answer????