X-notifier Only Rings Once

On FF 65.0 with XN 4.2.11 and Yahoo Mail, when I receive an email, XN will ring once - and that's it. I have both check intervals set to 1 minute. Is this normal behavior for XN? If not, then what do I do to get it to ring at the already set intervals until I finally open the new mail? When I first started using XN on an earlier FF, I thought that it would ring at the interval set in the OPTIONS dialog. I used to use Yahoo Mail Watcher (which DID ring at the set interval), so I may be confusing this with XN. Oh, how I long for the FireFox of old.

The interval you can set is for how often X-Notifier checks for new mail. default is 10.
So your X-Notifier is 'hammering' the yahoo server for new email every minute... providers generally don't like that.

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Yeah, I know all that. But you didn't answer the question. Is XN only going to notify me once? If so, what use is it? And how is checking every minute "hammering" the Yahoo server?

Yes, you did confuse X-N's intervals with Yahoo's mail app intervals.
I did not answer further because it's not my job, and because the feature is -labeled- "check" interval, not "ring" interval.  The setting for Default check interval is so you can change the default for new accounts that you add later. The specific account check interval is in case you want a specific account to have a different check interval from the default.  
X-N has always notified (with an icon badge) and also had a pop-up.  We are given the option to add a sound alert as well, which rings only once when there is specifically new email since the last check... not counting new emails that were already shown at the last check.  X-N recently got the feature to show an expanded badge indicating +# of new emails  (10 +2) since tbe last check that already had new emails.  
(I used to have a phone that alerted me periodically of new messages... when I had not acknowledged new messages... then I got a new phone... and the new phone did not have this alert repeat. I had thought alert repeats were a standard SMS/MMS feature... but Nooooo.  Don't assume anything.)
There is NO X-N interval to keep giving a sound alert until you acknowledge new email.
(That is what Jeroen suggests you make a new feature request for.)  

And Jeroen explains that hammering is not just a simple 'read number of new emails'... excessive checking for new email can impact their mail servers' performance... (especially when thousands or millions of users do it) and they frown on that.  Some of them 'punish' email users who hammer their server by sending them a scolding popup or notice... some of them even block your checks.

I never go lower than 10 minutes... microsoft recommends a limit of 15, I believe.  So hammer at your own risk.

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X-notifier did always 'ring' once for a new message per browser session. The option to have a sound alert at each checking cycle for already notified message would need a new feature request... This would mean the sound alert will repeat until you click the XN icon and click Open to open all accounts containing new messages (or click the specific account(s)).

Regarding your "hammering"  question: X-notifier is not only passively inspecting the client's (= browser's) html page from the server, but also refreshes this page from or even re-establishes login session with the server  on each check cycle (depending on the script).