I have 11 gmail accounts and 5 of them stopped being checked on sunday.

I have x notifer 4.28 and 3.25 each on a different version of firefox.

On each browers the same 5 gmail accounts are not being checked any more.

Anyone having any gmail issues?


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Just checked for you, adding the accounts I haven't used for a long time. Those accounts were blocked from XN by a page checking the restoration phone and email. So login manually to see whether this is the case with your accounts.

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I did that with all of them and made sure that they had the new version of gmail displaying properly.

The accounts still are not being checked.

I unchecked a bunch of accounts so I had 1 working account and 1 not working acount so the log file was cleaner and got these entires for the account not being checked:

Tue Oct 16 2018 14:11:27 GMT-0500 (Central Standard Time)    gmail    XXusernamehereXX    0   

Tue Oct 16 2018 14:11:28 GMT-0500 (Central Standard Time)    gmail    XXusernamehereXX    100   

Working account had:
Tue Oct 16 2018 14:11:31 GMT-0500 (Central Standard Time)  gmail  XXusernamehereXX  300


Hope that helps.

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Sorry, I don't understand what you expect from me...

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I thought maybe you or some one else on the forum understood the log file XN generates.


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Ah wait... besides rhe word entires... do you mean entries?
The numbers 0 100 300 are stage classifiers used in the process function indicating where we are in the process of asking / receiving (response) the (pre-) login and data html pages from the webserver:

const ST_CHECK             = 0;
const ST_PRE                   = 100;
const ST_PRE_RES        = 101;
const ST_LOGIN             = 200;
const ST_LOGIN_RES   = 201;
const ST_DATA               = 300;
const ST_DATA_RES    = 301;
const ST_LOGOUT        = 400; 

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Is this enough to draw your conclusions concerning these accounts process stages?
ST_DATA means your account got logged in and request for data page (containing the mail counts) got requested.

Perhaps you should clear cookies for the not working accounts: then these cookies get set at PRE stage... (getting the provider's home/login page)

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I have the same problem, but I have only 4 GMAIL account and 1 yahoo.com.

The yahoo doesn't work and is "grey" and the same thing for 2 Gmail account....

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