X-notifier doesn't load Yahoo mails

Hello there,

Since a few days, X-notifier doesn't load messages for yahoo mail. The "Yahoo" label is black, like if it considered the mailbox available but with zero mail inside (compare to the red for the mailbox completely unvailable), even when there are unread mails in it.

I use X-notifier 4.7.1 and Firefox 57.0.1, btw, and with my others accounts on Gmail and Hotmail, I don't have any problem.

Thanks in advance for your help,

PS : my first langage isn't English, so I apologise if my message isn't clear enough. Don't hesitate to ask me to precise the problem if needed.

Same problem, as of 12/1/17 X-notifier will not display Yahoo Mail on Chrome or Firefox.
Hotmail and Gmail are displayed. Using v4.1.4.

Did either of you recently upgrade Firefox?  You may want to check and make sure it's not blocking X-Notifier cookies.
Just FYI, I have XN 4.1.7 running on latest standard release of Chrome and Firefox... and my Yahoo account works fine.
Next, you might try clearing your cache and cookies in your browsers, then restart it.
Or open a tab and go to yahoo.com and log in manually to see if there are any popups or prompts interfering with the process.

I tried to clear cache and cookies, then restart, but no results. Same with log out / log in manually.

Did you check Firefox cookie blocking settings?

After that I would try deleting the account definition in X-Notifier and restarting browser and redefining it.

Well I tried, even in deleting X-notifier completly, but again, when I reinstall it as new, only my Gmail and Hotmail accounts are loading. Yahoo, even after in log in manually, with the double identification, stays black. Maybe, I clear cache and cookies wrongly or I'm wrong when checking my cookies blocking settings.

I also tried the suggested steps. Still nothing. Since it's not displaying on Chrome either it's obviously not a problem with just Firefox. Seems strang it stopped on 12/1?

Hi all,

I have the same issues.

It logs into the account ok as I can select "Yahoo" from the extension icon in chrome ... it loads fine BUT ...

It isn't checking for mail at all and cannot see that I have new messages.

I tried the following:

1) Deleting the extension ... restarted the PC
2) Then I deleted all Yahoo cookies ... restarted the pc
3) Reinstalled the extension ... enter my login details .... back to the original issue.
4) Checked that Ad-blocker wasn't the cause ... turned Ad blocker off and still the same result
5) Even tried disabling AVAST free anti-virus and same result

Chrome browser version = latest Version 63.0.3239.84 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

Latest X-notifier plugin for chrome.

PS: Don't understand why keeping the neo version; considerably more poeple use the old version !!! Isn't this saying something?

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There was some changes on yahoo mail page.

Fixed in 4.1.8.

Developer just released version 4.1.8 of X-Notifier specifically to fix Yahoo problems.

Try upgrading.

All working again, thank you :)

Yes, it's working now. Thanks a lot !

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x-notifier is not working with Yahoo "Basic" email. It stays red but will go to email when clicked. Browser is chrome current and windows 10 os.