I protect all my passwords with one master password (I also use it with my Facebook account). I have lost it! The only place where it is still stored is Xnotifier. But I can't find a way to get it from there. Regular software that reveals passwords within Windows, seems to be useless in Chrome. I've also tryed a Chrome's app to reveal the master password from Xnotifier but it doesn't work either.


This is so important to me, because it protects all my passwords for everything. I can't remember the master password because I use a software called Hotkeycontrol, which assigns actions or words (like passwords) to keyboard keys. So I had assigned the master password to the F4 key, but then I accidentally deleted it. I never took the job to remember it. And now its gone, except from the Xnotifier app.



1) A "MASTER" password is never used for individual accounts, like Facebook or X-Notifier.  A 'Master' password is only used with  a program to protect other saved passwords. Example:  Firefox allows master passwords.  You would only input the master password into Firefox's master password input prompt... entering the Master password in Firefox allows you to use/access parts of Firefox such as showing the passwords Firefox has 'remembered' for -other- websites.  Facebook and X-Notifier would have their own passwords which would -not- be a Master password... unless you foolishly use the same password everywhere.  You should -not- use the same password at Facebook or X-Notifier as the one  you use for Firefox's Master password.

2) Chrome does not protect its stored passwords... once you log into your operating system (such as Windows), and open Chrome, you can find/view Chrome passwords. Google it.  (Chrome figures that your operating system login protects all your user settings.)  

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If you want to see saved passwords in X-notifier.

  • Export settings
  • Import in X-notifier for Firefox
  • You can see it in password manager of Firefox