X-notifier does not maintain accounts in memory.

Hi, I always used X-notifier without problems. Since I installed the version 4.0.2 on Firefox 52.0.2 it  not work anymore.
I set the parameters of the account and everything works fine. When I close and reopen Firefox the
account is no longer present and I have to add it again.
Which is the problem?
Thank you.

This has been a on going issue that has yet to be corrected my advice use X-notifier 35.23 that is about the best can do.

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Do you accept cookies (incl. 3d party) in your Firefox Privacy Options?
Although this developer's News post states one has to keep the cookies on restarting Firefox, that proves not necessary for me:  http://xnotifier.tobwithu.com/dp/node/3353

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