X-Notifier could not be verified by firefox and has been disabled.

This error just popped up today. Damn Firefox's constant updating! Is there a way to fix this? Or do I need to let the developer know about sending verification to Mozilla?

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Update from mozilla.org (not from tobwithu.com):

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I quit updating FF for this same reason.  Unfonfortunetly if I let Roboform update it sometimes requires a FF update to work.  Then you have problems like this with other addons as well. 
Would "Udate all addons" have fixed the problem above?


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Mostly I'm on Opera, but I open Firefox sometimes.  Annoyed to come back and find that X-notifier had become inactive.  I didn't realize there was a Firefox update; I thought X-notifier crashed and burned.  Whichever.

There was nothing I could do in X-n Options to make it work again, so I uninstalled X-n.  Then I used Addons to reinstall.  

And it worked.  Always nice when you try something and it works.

I hope everyone had their X-notifier configuration backed up.  That's the "import" and "export" buttons in X-n Options.  Learn them, live them, love them.  After un-installing and re-installing X-n, all I had to do was Import the X-n configuration I previously saved, and all my email accounts' information was re-filled into X-notifier.

When you export the configuration, you have to save it with a password.  No option; you have to create the export-file with a password.  To import the saved configuration, you have to remember your X-n password.  

The configuration file is saved encrypted.  If you know the X-n password, you can import it into X-notifier.  But there's no way to open the file and look at its contents.