X-Notifier and GMAIL not working since Firefox 45

I too am having issues with GMAIL accounts not working since the FF 45 upgrade.  My yahoo accounts work fine...just the GMAIL ones not working.

I am using Firefox 45.0, X-Notifier 3.5.19 and I have no problems to access Gmai. I can not tell you anything else.


Hello Guys,
Same problem here: FF45, X-Notifier 3.5.19 and Ubuntu 14.04 updated.

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I downloaded an earlier version of firefox (44.0.2) CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD ENGLISH 32-BIT VERSION and installed and the problem went away.  However - if you use this version you need to turn off the Firefox Auto update or set it to let you decide when to install or else the version will just get overwritten with the latest version.

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No problem here with FF 45 and XN 3.5.19 on Windows 10 and many Gmail accounts.

Thanks for the suggestion of FF 44.0.2, but I think that going back to a previous version of FF could face security (malware) risks solved with the most recent version. I rather prefer not to use X-Notifier until it is working again.