X-Notifier adversely affecting website logins

I have ben using X-Notifier for many years and I would like to thank the great creator, Byungwook Kang for all the updates which have kept it working for so long....

However I have just started encountering some big problems with website logins which I have been unable to explain until now. I will first state that my PC has been cleanly re-installed with Windows 7 SP1 x64 and I do not yet have all the required applications installed except for a few basic applications which I always use. Therefore nothing different.

On a number of sites I have encountered problems, today on Github and previously on TopCashBack. On TCB I blamed their site, it kept refusing login, I did a password reset and entered a new password which again was rejected. I use Keepass for my passwords BTW so it's secure and NO ONE has my passwords! No one has the years needed to crack the password file!

I stopped trying logins at TCB hoping that the site fixed the issues. However today while attempting to login to Github I have been getting identical problems. Reset the password, copying the login info, manually typing the login info, even with a simple password and it rejects the login. So I shut down my clipboard utility which made no difference. I started disabling extensions, I use quite a few with Palemoon x64 25.8.1. It was only when I disabled X-Notifier that the problem was fixed. If I go back to Github with X-Notifier disabled, I am logged in! However if I enable X-Notifier and restart my browser and go back to Github I am logged Out and I cannot log back in until I disable X-Notifier! KeeFox will not log me in and neither will manually logging in successfully log me in. I have check cookies and they are enabled, I do not yet have noscript extension installed so that is not contributing to the problem.

I now have all my extensions enabled, my clipboard manager and web filtering and no problems but if I re-enable X-Notifier and the problems show themselves.

I do not know how X-Notifier can be influencing logins but it certainly is for me.

BTW this is not affecting all website logins because I have only noticed it on those two sites up until now. Disabling/Enabling X-Notifier and find myself logged in and out depending upon whether X-Notifier is disabled or enabled does indicate that X-Notifier is affecting things adversely.

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  1. Can you have more than one session with Github without using X-notifier?
    (using different browsers / computers)
  2. What check interval do you use in X-notifier for Github?

Thank you for getting back to me on this.

I have tried a few more tests. Disabling all extensions in PM except for KeeFox, Session Manager and X-Notifier enabled/disabled as needed to test. TCB will not login when X-Notifier is enabled although unlike Github it does not show as logged out if previously logged in and if I enable X-Notifier and restart. If I log out after enabling X-Notifier I cannot log back in.

The mail check interval is 10 minutes. Just my regular email, gmail & hotmail accounts and nothing directly Github related.

I have multiple browsers & PM profiles which I could use to log in to Github....Done that, one PM profile with X-Notifier enabled with login problems with TCB and Github. The other profile logs in fine to Github without X-Notifier installed.

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I have this same problem and it's annoying as hell. It makes you think there is a rootkit running on your computer yet multiple scans don't yield any results. PLEASE FIX THIS. I've used this for years also but find myself as of today using Thunderbird now that I know it's this extension causing all my grief and computer reloads in the past 2 weeks trying to figure out what the problem is. I've used Firefox sync I've not used it it doesn't matter what I do it turns out to be this dang extension causing all the problems. Your extension shouldn't log you out time and time again out of normal websites that have nothing to do with mail. If anything you should only be getting logged out of those email sites. Then you shouldn't even have that problem. This extension is taking over computers. UNACCEPTABLE!!!


Just a small list of sites affected:












I can go on and on. To be frank not one site that should be remembering my logins and keeping me logged in is doing such. Most keep the details filled in once the login button is clicked or if they login/pw boxes show up the details are filled in and all that has to be done is click login but that shouldn't have to be done. Clicking a browsers remember me box or keep me logged in box means just that. One shouldn't have to type their details back in or click login if the site is to remember them. Don't come back at me about cookies either. This happens on a fresh reformat reinstall of windows, firefox, xmail, going to say facebook. Logging in. Then going to say google.com then back to facebook and I'm logged out. That is rediculous. Roll back about 15 versions because this issue has gone on far too long and for far too many versions.

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I stil have the same problem here as well.