X-Notifier disabled after 43.0.1 update

Firefox has disabled X-Notifier with the latest update (43.0.1)
"Disabled un-signed Add-on"

Tobwithu, you've been doing this a very long time... why haven't you got Mozilla to sign off on your add-on??

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Please get this fixed ASAP!!! I hate trying to go through my emails on all of the accounts with my phone. LOL! I have forgotten email passwords so my phone is my only way to get into them without resetting all of the passwords. Please fix this!!

As an interm fix, You can Override add-on signing.
Just go to this page for instuctions. 


Just reinstall over your current X-Notifier installation via this link:

I live on the East Coast of US and just wanted to state I haven't been

experiencing any problems with this Firefox addon not working or

disabling for me so i have say everything seems good on my end .