X-notifier does not work (Win 8.1 64, Firefox 37.0.2)

X-notifier does not work on my laptop having (Win 8.1 64 & Firefox 37.0.2).

On the other hand, it works without on my workstation having (Win 7 64 &  Firefox 37.0.2).

Any ideas about it ?


I have Win 8.1 64 and FF 37.0.2... no problem with X-Notifier.

You don't give much detail... just that it "does not work".

I suggest you uninstall/reinstall.

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I've already uninstall/reinstall it, without success.

Try clearing cache/cookies, etc. See this post...


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Since I upgrade my windows 8 pro to windows 8.1 pro 32 bit with firefox 37, my webmail notifier cannot working at all even though on its option it is set to check every 1 minute (as I used to set it). I've already uninstall-reinstall it over & over again but it's not working at all.

Try clearing cache/cookies, etc. See this post...


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Hi Dee,

exactly the same problem as me.

If you have any update please inform me.



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Unfortunately, the same.

I created a new profile, I re-installed it, but nothing.

No reaction



Then I suggest you check to see if any security software is blocking it.

I have the same Windows version and Firefox version and X-Notifier works... so it would seem something on your setup is conflicting with X-Notifier.
Or perhaps you need a script update if you're using a custom script that you downloaded from the Scripts page here.

I might try uninstaling/reinstalling Firefox, perhaps... no other add-ons. Turn off security software for a moment.

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did it ...but no chance again

Having the same problem! I tried all the solutions posted but nothing. All my email accounts disapeared. All the scripts inside the options are gone and I cant add anything.

I also have the same problem and i've already got de 3.5.6 version.

Some of my email account are desable. If I click on it, it connect fine on some of then, the google ask me for a captcha.


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This is what works for me:

Clear your cookies; restart your browser; if that doesn't reset it, right click and check each greyed out email individually. That usually gets them to recognize them when it glitches.

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What a surprise, Problem solved today.

Congrats to the developer.

"What's New

  • fixed gmail script
  • fixed hotmail folder name display"
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That update was from 2015-03-17.

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Its still not working. I updated but nothing. Tried to uninstall and reinstall and nothing. Same problems I had before. (All my email accounts disapeared. All the scripts inside the options are gone and I cant add anything)

Do you have a master password that you're skipping when you start Firefox?

You may need to deep clean the add-on... you could try uninstalling and then making sure to delete any 'xnotifier' folder in the following directory... (although it only contains mostly script files, there is one data file)
C:\Users\{your user name}\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\{your profile folder}

I have seen something similar but I was able to clean the problem away, somehow.