Yandex Problem

Yandex script dosent work in chrome.

solve this problem please.

Does it not check email?  And... if you click the account in the drop-down list, will it not log you in in a new tab?

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I need 'Not Working' account.
I have one account and it works fine.

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Does it not check yandex email. Yandex red color and the check does not working. 

If  your previously working account is not being checked for email...

You should make sure your password is entered correctly, and you should check the login to see if there is a prompt from your email provider... asking for something or informing of something.  Try this...

Click the X-Notifier envelope icon... a list of accounts pops up...

...then click your (non-working) account in the list... does it log you into a new tab in Chrome???
Or does it ask for something, or pop up a window of information?
Or does it just take you to login page?

You can also just go to  your email provider's webmail login page... and login there, to see if there are any prompts or other interference with login/checking.

Otherwise, you can change  your email password (save it)... then send your username/password to for the X-Notifier admin to see what is causing the problem.  After he checks the login/email check, then you can reset your password.

Admin has an account with yandex and it is working... so the problem is likely on your account or on your machine.
Admin can't make X-Notifier fix that.