X-notifier and Firefox 32 right click menu

There's a new right click menu design in Firefox 32. There's also a display bug if you have x-notifier installed (and possibly any other addon that puts an item in a certain section of the right click menu). By default X-notifier puts a menu item in the first section (before the first separator) of the right click menu below the reload item, but above the separator and bookmark item. The new menu in FF 32 puts the items above the separator and the one item below it (the bookmark button) in an horizontal, label-free layout:






You can disable that item by going into x-notifier preferences, the interface section and unticking the apropriate item. Or you can revert back to the old right click menu layout by using Classic Theme Restorer. Unless Mozilla provides a way for other people to put icon items (instead of text) in that new layout the developer should either disable that x-notifier menu item by default, or move it down, below the bookmark item.

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Tab Menu (go figure) and RESTART!

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Fixed in 3.4.8

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Currently operating system : Ubuntu (linux)

I updated FF to the latest version 32.03 this morning,
when I restarder FF, X-notifier had lost all connection. None was even visible.
Just like if FF32 had wiped completely the recorded datas of X-notifier.

Has anyone experienced the same thing?

Thanks for the feedback

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Non Ogm