X-Notifier counting Yahoo spam, even though directed not to

I have had a few problems with Yahoo mail, but most have resolved. This one seems to be persistent. Although X-Notifier is directed to check inbox only, it counts Yahoo mail spam. I have to delete all spam before the count will go away. Very annoying, because I usually just let the Yahoo mail program delete spam once a month, since I only use this account for one thing and don't receive anything in it that would go to spam.

Also, is there a way to keep the program from automatically updating? I went back to 3.4 from 3.4.1 and had no problems, but it automatically updated this morning. Do I need to take care of that through the browser, and if so, do you know how?

In X-Notifier Options, click the Yahoo account and then make sure that "Include spam" is UNchecked.

- To disable ALL automatic add-on updates, click FF 'Tools' (if the Menu bar is showing, else click the 'three line' icon on the right/top), then click Add-ons, and click the 'gear' icon, and uncheck the 'Update add-ons automatically'.
- To disable JUST X-Notifier automatic updates, go into Add-ons, scroll down to X-Notifier, click the small "more" link, then scroll down and choose the Automatic Updates "Off" option.


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