Repeated verification popups

I wanted to add new emails to Chrome X-Notifier, which was working before I added the new addresses.  Now there is an annoying verification pop-up that keeps showing up in the midst of my other browsing, and I cannot access the addresses in Chrome.  

I see there is a fix for what seems like the same problem in Firefox--typing "about.config" in the location box and then correcting an entry and clearing cookies (my cookies are cleared with every log-off).  But Chrome doesn't seem to recognize that command or anything similar.  So how do I get rid of this annoyance--soon!




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1. Which webmail do you use?
2. Do you use two-step verification?

I have several accounts, but it is the yahoo addresses that pop up for verification.  I was adding accounts to the list before this happened; there is also one g-mail account.  The yahoo accounts are long established in X-notifier (Chrome), and I don't see this problem when I use Firefox instead.  The notice pops up every 5 mins. or so, and answering the "verification" (it asks for a captcha to be typed in) has no effect.

One user who also had persistent captchas suggested changing his password made the problem go away... eventually.
He thought maybe someone had been spamming using his account, so he changed password.  However, another article suggests password changes can also trigger captchas.

Yahoo says this about what triggers captcha:

You may encounter a CAPTCHA code on Yahoo! when:

  • Sending an email containing HTML, links, embedded graphics, attachments
  • Forwarding messages (chain letters, jokes, etc.)
  • Performing too many failed sign in attempts
  • Creating a new Yahoo! account

Basically if you send something (like a link), or send too much/often, that Yahoo feels is 'suspicious', you can get flagged for captchas... but apparently they can go away, if a person slows such activities.  It is also suggested to call Yahoo customer service about the problem if it remains.  You could also login manually in a tab to your Yahoo mail, clear any captchas... (maybe change password, or... not) ...might help. 

Perhaps your email check interval is set too high/frequent? 

Just some thoughts to troubleshoot.