Time for a replacement what is everyone going to?

Ok time to knife this broken half way working and never supported extension. Thing has been broken with outlook for months now to the point it's constantly signing one account out and the other in while trying to view or send emails.


What are people going to that actually works for email notifications in browser?

I just think it's time to get rid of this extension the developer doesn't want to help

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There is no replacement. This is the only one. It's also the only one that works for AOL.

X-Notifire Neo works for me for gmail, hotmail, and yahoo, but it only supports one account per service.  It is supposed to support multiple gmail accounts, however.

It works OK, except for a few annoying things.  For one, the number of "new" emails on the icon does not reset when you click on it to read emails, you have to choose "Refresh" from the menu to do so, or just wait for the next polling interval.  Also,  my Hotmail account seems to be dropped from the monitoring periodically for some unknown reason.  To add it back you just have to visit hotmail.com manually but it is annoying.

X-Notifier appears to be monitoring cookies to tell if you are using hotmail.com, but the cookie it appears to be monitoring is still there even after X-Notifire Neo removes the email account from the list of polled email servers, so it must also be looking for something else, or perhaps just a bug that causes it to be dropped after some time ((it seems to happen maybe every 24 hours or so).


Well I can say how i'm doing it:

a) Xnotifier with hotmail configured for inbox login.

b) Poptrayu with hotmail and other accounts to check new emails, preview, delete etc. To write emails I open hotmail from xnotifier and it's all. 

Xnotifier is perfect but it needs regular updates. If it's open source may be anyone could continue development.

I "fixed" the problem by installing "Mail.com" extension just for Hotmail and deleted it from Xnotifier. It works fine if not elegant!

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This doesn't fix the outlook checking problem in x-notifier but I thought it might be useful for some people. https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/say-goodbye-hotmail-spam/?newsletter_popup=1

Basically send  your hotmail email to gmail instead.  I started using this as the article mentions, because hotmail's spam filter is so terrible but it also lets x-notifier get your email by checking gmail instead.   Setting this up and sending your outlook mail to a gmail account let's you utilize the google spam filter which is way better than Microsoft's  i still get some spam but not nearly as much.