X-Notifier not checking hotmail windows 11

X-Notifier has stopped checking hotmail in windows 11, checker stays red.

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Same thing here.  My other accounts, gmail and yahoo are working but hotmail's been broken for a few days.

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Same thing has been drving me mad for at least a week now.

Just shows Red, I have to constantly check it manually sadly, I awlays recommend X-Notifier.

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I ended up installing Howard email notifier just for hotmail/outlook live.  It's a stand alone program and shows the notifications in the tray.   It doesn't work as well as x-notifier if you have mutliple accounts on the same service.  It's kind of like X-notifier Neo in that respect and why I never switched to Neo.

 I also have gmail and yahoo accounts too for other purposes and while they continue to work with X-notifier, hotmail is my main email account.   I hope they can fix this soon.

X-Notifier doesn't check Hotmail on Windows 11.

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Like me, you guys had to login to your Hotmail account(s) yourselves, right?
And then it used to work.

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Once i logged into hotmail and forced a check with x-notifier, it used to work.   Now it doesn't work whether i'm logged in (or even in my inbox page) or not.   X-notifier Neo doesn't seem to work either unless I open the hotmail page first and never close the browser session. 

 I tried running both at the same time as a workaround to check hotmail but got no new mail notification until I first went to the hotmail page manually then Neo worked but not the older version.  I'm using windows 11.

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Do you all have an inbox URL starting with outlook.live.com/mail/ ?
Or is there also any inbox URL starting with outlook.live.com/owa/

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My active inbox url shows as   https://outlook.live.com/mail/0/

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Thank you, jeroen.   That fixed it.   I had to log in to my inbox manually when I checked it the first time but it's working again now. 

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You have to login manually because the login procedure of the script is not working. But the script is equipped with a procedure to check whether the account is logged in, in order to skip it's login procedure. As long as the login cookies don't get deleted or expire or the session gets ended by the server, you will stay logged in.

I experience the same, ie login script doesn't work but once logged in it's fine. But with all my cookie maintain procedures, it seems the session always is ended, perhaps after 24 hours, not sure? any ideas, similar experiences?

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Deleting login cookies on your pc will end the session with the server. So you will need to make an exception in your cleaning app settings to keep - in this case - the login.live.com cookies.

And I already had outlook.live.com whitelisted. No change. Everything works great, but server always lets go after a day or so. And I never log out.

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1. Do you mean you whitelisted those cookies in your cleaning app or in your browser?
2. Which browser(s) do you use?
3. Did you set to keep all or specific cookies on closing your browser?

1. browser - listed under customized behaviors: sites that can always use cookies


3. I don't think I am deleting cookies on closing of Chrome.

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On that same chrome://settings/cookies page you see the option:

Clear cookies and site data when you close all windows

Make sure that option is turned off.

yes, turned off

This extension hasn't worked for a long time for Hotmail. Worked briefly for a day or two somewhere around last summer, but besides that, at least when using several Hotmail accounts it's almost unusable. Very frustrating, since when it worked, it was probably the best browser extension along with adblockers for me. My experience is with three different W10/W11 machines by two different users.