on my laptop Xnoltifier works, but my desktop does not launch xnotifier and i must log into each account.  both are windows 10, both are updated Mozilla & Chrome, both are 64bit.

any ideas why?

On Many Outlook/Hotmail  Email Accounts

That situation suggests some glitch on the non-working computer... and not with X-Notifier or Gmail.

You might uninstall X-Notifier, then...
You might try clearing browser cache and xnotifier cookies. 
Close the browser.
Go to the working computer and export your accounts... email them to yourself or copy to a USB stick.
(I might restart the problem computer.)
Open the browser on the problem computer and reinstall X-Notifier.
Import your accounts from the other computer.

Hopefully, they now work.
If not, add a new user profile to your browser, install X-N in the new user profile and add your accounts, perhaps from scratch (no import).

Good luck.

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In Chrome, my settings were set to "Clear Site Data".  once that was "Unchecked", all is well in chrome for "Both Laptop & Desktop".
sadly FF doesn't respond, so chrome is now my default browser.  FF will work with Yahoo Only...