Is X-notifier 4.2.11 currently working for Gmail on Firefox 66.0.5?

Some months ago, people posted problems with Gmail checking but nothing has been posted recently so I am wondering whether I am currently the only one having problems with the checking of Gmail accounts. It would be great to know as then I would need to dig further in my own configuration. But I have tried setting up a new Firefox with x-notifier and just one gmail account and that also did not work.

This is my current status: If I open either of my 4 gmail accounts from x-notifier, the gmail web page opens up and is logged in flawlessly.

But the checking of the accounts from x-notifier does not work. Very randomly, maybe once a day, I get notified regarding one account but usually the message count number does not match the current state of that account. If I click "check now" the checking appears to work too quickly and there will be no news.

I would appreciate any hints as this is a great add-on and I haven't found any other that comes close to X-notifier.

In Chrome, with a series of logins, it seems I can get my three gmail accounts to be checked normally, but it takes some effort to log them all in within their own tabs all at once.  In Firefox, it's unpredictable or I've tried too many times. 

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With Chrome and Opera X-notifier can check the maximum of 10 accounts using my GmailX script.
(some accounts I need to login manually)

Many thanks for your comment. So it is not specific to my setup. It seems the same here, Firefox checks at some random moment one of the gmail accounts.

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Hi frotty,

When you use the Social and Promotions Inbox tabs, try this:
On selecting all messages in one page you get offered the possibility to select all messages in that tab. Mark them all as read. Do that for both Social and Promotions tab (and the others if you use them). This solves the issue for me and it makes sense because admin wasn't able to find the new way to get the seperate Primary inbox count when the old way disappeared. The Inbox count is now an overall count of all inbox tabs, but somehow it gets messed up (perhaps related to the caching of "Reset counter when opening messages" - one could also test if  turning that option off results in the correct count).

Hi jeroen,

Thanks a lot for your advice. Unfortunately, those things did not help. Also, the main issue is not the wrong count - with which I could live - but that it seems like X-notifier is actually not checking the accounts, even though the symbol is suggesting that.

I can send new email to my gmail accounts and then manually let X-notifier check but no new notification appears. That does not change if I modify the "Reset counter when opening messages" or "notify inbox only" options.

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I noticed my part of Gmail accounts that now still are getting logged in by X-notifier on Opera are not doing so on Firefox. (The Gmail script provides working state after manual login)
But my Gmail accounts get still  X-notified on Firefox after manual login.

I expect all your Gmail accounts need manual login, true?

  • Logout your default Gmail account (this will logout all).
  • Clear all your Google cookies on Firefox (I suspect and hope the old cookies are blocking login).
  • Then restart browser : now all your Gmail should show red in X-notifier  (I hope).
  • Login your default Gmail account.
  • Click X-notifier´s Check Now and tell me whether your default Gmail account works or not!!

Thanks a lot jeroen! It did actually started working after a while after I had done your previous suggestions. I just wanted to make sure that it does so consistantly for a while because I had the feeling that it only reacts in a lagged way. I am happy to confirm, the checking does work now!

Thanks so much for your help!

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Do you mean it already started working after marking all messages in Social and Promotions tabs as read?

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You only want to get X-notified for category:primary messages.

To prevent from getting X-notified for incoming Social, Promotions and Forums messages, you can create a filter to auto-mark those messages as read:

  • Enter this search argument in the Gmail Search mail field:
    category:(social OR promotions OR forums)
  • Click the down arrow at the right to display the search options
    (the search argument shows in Includes the words)
  • At the bottom of the search window, click Create filter
  • Choose Mark as read
  • Click Create filter
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At first I was worried that it might also filter real emails with the words "Social" or "Promotions" in the titles,  but I sent some emails from my other accounts, and it filters onthe actualy category, while letting emails that might have those words Deliver.

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When you said "BTW the box you are looking for is Primary" what did you mean? is there another step?

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I said: "Btw: The inbox you are looking for is: category:primary"

The inbox is sectioned into the categories of your choice:

The Search options of Search mail don't show Primary, but you can still restrict for that by typing category:primary.

And yes, you keep receiving Social and Promotions mail, but these mails should all be marked as read by the applied filter so you won't get notified for them.

Yes, it started working after I had marked social and promotions read and experimented with the options but it didn't start  working instantly. At first, as reported, sending emails to myself and so on didn't result in notifications. Maybe it did after I restarted windows or so, I am not completely sure. I just noticed it the next day. Maybe that also had to do with logins / cookies or so.

Also many thanks for your further suggestion re creating a filter!

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Happy I could help!

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Gmail login is not working again.

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Your specific Gmail login is not working. 

I have 5 Gmail accounts that X-notifier does login to successfully.
My other 10 Gmail accounts are serviced by Gmail webservers that X-notifier cannot login to. But after logging in manually they all work because you were so clever to provide the functionality to bypass (skip) the login procedure when already logged in.

Of course you know this, but I would like to point it out to address the confusion that is flooding this forum. 

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read the title. it tells all