firefox 65.0 with x-notifier 4.2.10

firefox on my pc automatically updated (to v65.0) a couple of days ago. since then the x-notifier couldn't check my gmails anymore (several accounts, all entires showed red).  when i clicked on one of them to open in firefox, it went to gmail login page.

so far i tried following but none has worked:

- cleared the firefox cache

- rebooted pc

- revert the x-notifier to previous version

- revert firefox to previous version

- re-entered all passwords for the gmail accounts

it can still check the gmail account that i currently logged into.  it still checks yahoo emails, just problem with gmails.

anybody has any suggestions?  i am running out of ideas.

thank you.

First, I just updated my 64 bit version of Firefox to 65.0 and X-Notifier continues to check my three gmail accounts ...except the very first time when I start FF... that's a different anomaly though. My three gmails will check if I click 'Check now' or if I just wait for the checking interval to expire, then X-Notifier checks all three gmails, and continues to do so for that session that I'm using the browser.

Anyway... I did notice a prompt about new gmail features when I entered my gmail inbox from simply clicking the account in the X-Notifier drop down list ...however this did not seem to impede checking.
But, you might want to open a fresh tab, and go to and manually sign in... to see if there are any other prompts which can interfere with the automated login/checking process.
If you see any, you just need to OK or answer them and then X-Notifier will go back to checking your gmails normally. Let us know what happens...

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Did  X-notifier log all your Gmail accounts in before?
For me X-notifier logs in on 6 Gmail accounts. My many other Gmail accounts work after logging in manually:
Add account from a logged in Google-account (click the top-right icon). Then click Check Now from the X-notifier icon menu.

I did what both of you had suggested, manually sign in (but not sign out) to all my gmail account.  the notifier was able to check all accounts, however, some accounts did show very high new mails, but they went away as soon as i click on them to open that account in the tab.

i had done manually sign in all my gmail accounts (some prompt to update recovery option) but i then signed out each accout.

either way i hadn't had any issues with the notifier before this had happened a couple of days ago.  still not sure what had caused it.

thank you both for the help.

well, it appears i need to sign in manually each time FF is restarted.  the signed in status remains only for the current session.

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Read this post:

Your unread mail is still unread.
The X-notifier option  Reset counter when opening messages  is default checked. That is why your high number "disappears".

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Did you clear the google cookies? (an incorrect cookie can block login by X-notifier)

no, i did not clear the google cookie.  i merely exited FF, then relaunched FF and notifier failed to log in on all gmail accounts.  the problem is when i clicked on one of the accounts to go to that account, instead of opening that account it went to a page where google asked which account to sign in - all accounts showed as 'signed out'.

i am not that concerned with the high number of reads as i can always go to that email to check the new emails.  but i need mark the emails in other categories as read anyway.

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I mean you should clear your cookies.
This can solve your login issue.

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I can agree what lighting said. I've also the same problem. X-notifier doesn't work with FF 65. I've delete the cookies, cleared cache, delete x-notifier and installed again, add the accounts manually, and last but not least, set in my gmail accounts that unsafe apps can login my account. But X-notifier doesn't work. So, i Hope the problem can be solved, I like X-notifier.

X-Notifier WORKS just fine with Firefox 65... I have 14 accounts with 7 different providers that have no problems.  I even use 3 gmail accounts just fine* through X-Notifier on FF 65...
...(however, I only use the gmail Inbox and NO Categories. Unfortunately, those users who do use Gmail's Categories may have a problem with the email count which appears to be fixable but we must wait for likely the next update of X-Notifier for that fix.)

* As for email checking, I have one anomaly with my gmail accounts and perhaps it's the same for some of you with login problems... The FIRST time after starting Chrome OR Firefox, X-Notifier does not seem to check my gmail accounts, they show red... HOWEVER, if I simply click 'Check Now', X-Notifier checks all three accounts with no problem.  OR... Instead of clicking 'Check Now', I can simply wait for the checking interval time (10 minutes) to expire for the next mail check that X-Notifier performs and all 3 of my gmail accounts are checked correctly.  It has been like this for months if not years... and not a problem for me except the very first time after starting my browsers.  

- Otherwise, its necessary to cover all the steps to fully troubleshoot your installation.  You cannot say 'XN does not work with FF 65'.  (I am not associated with X-Notifier, just another user.)
- You may want to create a secondary, fresh 'user profile' and just load X-Notifier and only add your gmail account and see if it works.  If so... the problem likely exists in your original user profile.
If it doesn't work, the troubleshooting is more difficult.... problems can be due to gmail account settings at gmail, etc, etc... or a fix may be due for X-Notifier.  You may want to create a log file and send it to the developer at xndevel@gmail.com
X-Notifier does work with FF 65.

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Sorry, you're right. I'm only using Gmail. But all I can say, is that X-notifier doesn't work anymore with Gmail accounts, since the last FF update.

I have to say X-Notifier on FF 65 works with -my- gmail accounts.  Just sayin'... ;)
Have you tried a fresh FF user profile, adding only X-Notifier and only a gmail account?
[EDIT:  I am going to back off and let Jeroen assist... as he's found a server situation, apparently.]

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I've installed a new VM and did from scratch a new installation of FF 65 with the latest X-notifier, all my gmail aacounts don't work anymore. I will test it with older versions of FF and X-notifier.

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What is a VM... ? Virtual Machine?

You can setup a new FF profile. That will rule out the problems you inconciously created.

You don't understand your problem. It is not FF nor X-notifier. It is working for us.

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Yes, VM = virtual machioe. I've also create a new profile, but it doesn't work.

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I just read RpD's reply above...

There is not one server situation. The issue is some google servers (software) have updated/enhanced their login procedure long time ago. I know that for a long time because a number of my gmail accounts don't get logged in by X-notifier for a loooong time.

But I can still make them work for a while, if I want to...

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So... read below post:

Does it work when you login manually?

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Yes, when I logged in gmail, then x-notifier works fine. So, I think, it is the login security from google. Maybe the script must be re-written?

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And I couldn't find the solution. The login procedure is the most challenging part for X-notifier. Like I mentioned before, I should hand over one of my accounts to tobwithu, because he is most equipped to solve it.

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Then I must be patient and wait for the updated version. Thank you all for the support.

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You are welcome.

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And I finally did handover one of those accounts to the master...
(I hope he will master it: no pressure!!)

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Super! We will waiting ;)

A nitpick: one "server situation" generically, can apply to multiple servers in operation. 
But you did clarify the situation for others.  :)

i deleted the cookies in FF and it was still the same.  after restarting FF still need to manually sign in.

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Now I am pretty sure your Gmail is coming from a Google server that X-notifier is failing to login to successfully. I just retested it on my Firefox 66 beta with 2 of those Gmail accounts: after deleting the concerned cookies they turned red after clicking Check Now. The other 6 Gmail accounts got successfully logged in again by X-notifier.

I can keep session for those that not get logged in by X-notifier for a period of time (cookies have an expiration date. It can be a day or week or year), because I have set Firefox to keep cookies. You have probably set it to delete all cookies: set it to Third-party tracking cookies (which is the Standard setting).

Im having same problem. Gmail not checking anymore. Cleaned cookies, resigned in etc. Google not keeping the session makes me resign in. I can still click on my gmails and it takes me to google's password sign-in with all my accounts. I thought it was my cookie blocker add-on doing it but I whitelisted all google email related sites.

Did you whitelist xnotifier?

X-Notifier stopped checking some of my accounts  too. No problem with logging in. If I press the accounts on X-Notifier it goes directly to the inbox. But it is not notifying of new emails.

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Did you update to X-notifier 4.2.10 ?

I'm using 4.2.10.


My all gmail accounts are red and are not checking/working. Neither hotmail and yahoo. How can I solve this?

xnotifier version: 4.2.10

Firefox version: 65.0.1 (x64)


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and then click Check Now (present 4.2.10 version for firefox notifies total of all categories)

Nothing changes if I select "Check now" option via xnotifier.

Login manually = open a new tab, go to the website login page, enter your username/password...
...Then go to X-Notifier's drop down menu and click "Check now".
(I had to click "Check Now" twice, because the first time it reopens my hotmail account.)

Or... what I can do is...
Open the X-Notifier drop down menu and click on my account to open it...
...Then I again open the X-Notifier drop down menu and...
...HOLD the Shift key and click my account.
...(Although I may also have to do this more than once, it works for me with Hotmail.)

And we wait for a fix in next release of X-Notifier.

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Perhaps pocttopus has conflicting addons...

Or he tried the login/check just once?
It's a little temperametal for me.

My outlook and live accounts are working fine.

I got same problem as pocttopus

gmail checking doesnt work. Something with Xnotifier messes with the cookies now maybe? Everytime it checks for new mail it logs me out of my youtube/gmail account i manually logged into because I have more than one obviously. When I click on one of them it just takes me to the google account login screen or lists my past accounts I logged into so I can select one. I cleared cookies/cache and tried over and still same result. Using latest firefox

X-notifier is not working with new Firefox if we have First-Party Isolation enabled (The browser you're using doesn't support JavaScript, or has JavaScript turned off. - response from google).