Notifications on 4.2.10

I am using 4.2.10 version on Firefox and constantly I am recieving fake notifications of received mail on all gmail accounts.

How can this be solved?

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The problem is the previously used count for the Primary Inbox Category disappeared from the used html page (the dataURL). At the moment the notified inbox count includes all Categories. I found a solution, which I proposed to tobwithu.      

I had the same problem, because I had thousands of unread emails in the Promotions and Social Inbox Categories and the caching mechanism of XN got "confused" by this. Solved it by marking them all as read: when you select one page of mails, you get offered the choice to select all mails in that category.  Mark all as read, repeat this action, do it for all Inbox Categories apart from the Primary and have a look at All e-mail and do a search for in:inbox is:unread.

Remember XN's unread count now still includes all received mail (all categories / smartlabels).

Also for some time now the spam count is not working and mouse-over (smart)label counts are missing.

Btw: RpD and I are having (captcha) trouble with posting on the forum. Once in a while we are getting one post thru...

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Have information that our posting problem is fixed for the time being.