All Gmail accounts suddenly displays thousands of new mails

Like said in the title, all my gmail accounts all of a sudden started displaying thousands of new mails.

When I open the account, it shows only the actually new mails, so I'm suspecting that for some reason X-Notifier taking everything in the inbox as "new" regardless if it arriwed years ago or just now.

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New version uses these urls.



In my case, it's as follows.

<feed xmlns="" version="0.3"><title>Gmail - Inbox for</title><tagline>New messages in your Gmail Inbox</tagline><fullcount>25</fullcount><link rel="alternate" href="" type="text/html"/><modified>2021-01-10T13:05:07Z</modified>

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Since I'm not that tech-savvy sadly that reply doesn't say anything to me :P

Can I please ask for an explanation for the Average Joes like myself?

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1. Open gmail in your browser.

2. Search mails with 'is:unread in:inbox'

You will see old unread mails.

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Indeed I do, but this far X-notifier - given that these mails were in the Social and Promotion category - properly ignored them when it came to displaying the unread emails of my inbox.

Since the day when I reported this issue, everything under those tabs is displayed as new unread mail, despite the fact that I have not changed any settings and do not want Social and Promotion category mails to be displayed in my inbox.

The question is if Google changed something or I should fiddle something with X-notifier to return to the previous functionality?

p.s.: thanks for your patience, I appreciate it! ;)

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Google changed the URL that provides the message counts and the new situation is not yet completely updated on the google server that serves the account of tobwithu's Gmail. So he cannot even start addressing the problem. And I can assure you the new situation forms a challenge! No guarantee it can be tackled.

In the meantime tobwithu implemented the feed URL that only provides the full count (all inbox categories + user-created folders).

You can use a filter for your Gmail inbox to mark incoming Social and Promotions mail as read so X-notifier only notifies you for incoming Primary inbox mail:

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Thanks for the recommendation on the in-gmail filtering!

I'll do that for the time being.

I love using X-notifier, and I'm not troubled too much by this issue, but the thing is I've got X-notifier handling the mails of my elderly grandmother too, so you can imagine she is quite confused :P

I'll try to set up her too with this workaround too.

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I wasn't even able to get my passed mother to use a computer :P