X-notifier DEAD?

I am waiting for  M O N T H S  if   X-notifier  will get a fix    OR NOT?

Would be nice if the CHINESE could   TELL   if he will   fix his prog or not.
IF NOT - delete it from all sources.

I don't waann waste any more time with this  piece of software ...
(it is like ALL from CHINA after a  short time period-  ENDS UP TO BE JUST   C R A P  ).


The developer tried fixing this issue with the X-Notifier but Hotmail/ Outlook got something broke or they need to fix something on their end ..I believe it's got to do with the login with Hotmail / Outlook I'm not so sure,  the developer has tried more than his best to fix this but nothing so far and he is doing his best 

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95% update is mostly scripts based on website homepage change the layout or code.

While 5% X-notifier app... Impovement for 15 years only 5% that all and itself last time update since 2017.

You can look at history and do your homework with math work and please stop accuse Tobwithu!

Tobwithu is NOT CHINESE!

Tobwithu is SOUTH Korea with surround USA ARMY!

Please STOP being RACIST!

...and CyberToothTiger said.

Also... you didn't say what email provider you're waiting to be fixed.

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X-notifier is not dead.

But auto login is not working because of security enhancement.

Gmail/Hotmail uses javascript functions that are more complicated than before on login page.

I recommend to use X-notifie Neo.


I'm Korean.

Anger doesn't help you get what you want.

Thank you for keeping this going! I like the old version better. 

JFYI outlook/hotmail suddenly started working for me again. All of my accounts are showing emails etc.

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People like this Max5150 are so stupid. They are the users of this world, not the providers.

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Lets make it clear: tobwithu is a great provider. But so are the people behind Google and Microsoft. They are not targeting X-notifier to make it's existence impossible. They are just going on about their business.
X-notifier seemed a nice idea ? years ago... Nowadays it is a pain to keep up following every security step these providers make. It is the chosen nature of this app, but back then it seemed ok/doable... 

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You guys are arguing with a troll that can't even spell right and are giving "IT" the time of day.  Just flame the idiot and lock or delete the thread.

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I never argue with trolls, the likes of Max5150!
I just used him to make a general statement :-)

all of my accounts are working again