X-Notifier always logs me into the same gmail account

Firefox 76.01, X-notifier 4.2.19

I have 5 gmail accounts, all setup on X-Notifier, but regardless of which one I pick, it always logs me into the gmail at the top of the list. 

It wasn't always like this, so am I doing something wrong or is this a limitation in the current function of  X-Notifier and/or Firefox?

Maybe someone could be kind enough to at least just tell me if I should expect the notifier behavior I am experiencing?


Not having any problems with  X-Notifier with Gmail 

but I am having issues with X-Notifier with Outlook/ Hotmail

sorry I can't be more help ...I did a post about myself having issues 

and even emailed the Developer but he must be on vacation

... I have four gmail-based accounts. I have FF 77.0.1 and XN 4.2.19. I can open all four of my accounts in separate tabs at the same time, no problem.
- I'll note that one of my gmail accounts did cause FF to complain and make me re-enter my FF master password... I had recently changed that gmail account's password, so I had to enter the newer gmail password as well.  I allow the browser to save my email account passwords as well as being properly defined in X-Notifier. 
- I do have an anomaly with my gmail accounts such that, the first time I open FF, my gmails are red in X-Notifier... but, I can either click Check Now or just let the XN email check interval (10 mins default) expire and then my gmails will be checked properly. There's just some oddity on startup... this happens in Chrome as well. 
- I'll also note that X-Notifier for Chrome (and now, the new Chromium-based MS Edge browser with X-Notifier installed) still allows custom scripts.

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X-notifier's login procedure does not work for all Gmail accounts (there exist different Gmail webservers: not all are using the same login procedure).


I think I may have used the wrong terminology to present my issue.  Let me start over.

I don't have a problem logging in to my gmail accounts.  I remain logged in to all of them.

The problem is that no matter which account I choose from the Xnotifier toolbar button menu, I am taken to the gmail situated at the top of the menu.  Once there, I can go to the Google Account button and pick any of the other gmail accounts listed there and am immediately switched to the other account without having to log in. 

If I'm not mistaken, in the past whichever account I selected from the Xnotifier toolbar menu would be the one to launch.  Is that not so?


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1. Logout from your Google accounts (logging out from one account will cause logout from all)
2. Delete all google cookies!!
3. Restart your browser
This will tell you which of your Gmail (Google) accounts get logged in by X-notifier.
The ones that don't get logged in should work in X-notifier after manual login (by yourself by adding them from the Google-account icon menu).