Detecting new emails after "opening"/reseting counter

I am wondering if anyone else has this prolem...

I get an indication that I have email on two of my hotmail accounts.  I select "Open" from the menu and a tab with the main hotmail account is opened (I think this is normal for 4.x, instead of opening both hotmail accounts in separate tabs).  The counter displayed on the icon is reduced by the number of new emails that were in the primary account.

Now I close this tab and select the other hotmail account from the menu (which is indicating, for example 2 new emails).  As soon as I click on it, it opens the new tab and displays the secondary hotmail acount with the two new emails, however, X-Notifier also makes the "new mail" sound and "rediscovers" the 2 new emails.  So even though the counter is reset when I click on the secondary hotmail account, the immediate "rediscovery" of the 2 emails makes the counter go back up to 2.

So, now I have read the new emails, and close the tab, but the counter is still showing "2".  If I wait for the check interval, X-notifier will notice that there are no new emails and reset the countr.  Also, if I "Open" the account from the menu again, it will reset the counter correctly.

Anyone have this problem where it "checks for new emails" right after you click on the email account in the X-Notifier menu, causing the counter to not reset?


I can click on my four hotmail-based accounts and get them all cleared... and go back and click one of them again and XN immediately re-reads the unread mail count as new mails and shows bold new count on dropdown menu.
Sending note to developer.

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Fixed in 4.2.12

Thanks, but after installing the new version, I still have the problem.  I rebooted the browser and tested again, still same issue.

Here is what I did to test it:

I sent an email to and and then did "Check now" in X-notifer.  It did not find anything new.  I then elected "Check now" again a few minutes later and if found 2 new emails (1 in each account) (the icon counter indicated 2).  I then selected "Open" in the X-Notifier menu.  It opened and reduced the icon counter from 2 to 1.

I read and deleted the mail from that accout and closed the tab, I then selected "Open" again from the X-notifier menu, it did nothing (is this normal?)   I then selected the account (which was indicating 1 new email) from the menu and it opened that account in a new tab, however it also instantly made a pop-up and a sound indicating I had a new email in that account (, and the counter was set to "1" again (I assume my clicking on the account causes the counter to rest to 0 (since I have that setting enabled), but then the instant "rediscovery" of the new email sets it to 1 again).

So now I read and delete the email,  but the counter in the X-Notifier icon incorrectly indicates I have 1 new email in the account.

Note that the new email indicator pops up and sounds immediatley after I click on the email account in the X-notifier menu.  If I leave it alone until the next auto-check for new email, X-Notifier will see that there is really no new email and it will set the counter to 0 again.

If you need me so send any logs or anthing else, let me know.


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Thank you for the report.

Fixed in 4.2.13.

4.2.13 seems to have resolved the ssue!  Thanks for you quick fix!

Is there any chance of adding an enable/disable option to turn on/off the automatic checking for new emails like 3.x version had?  I am currently disabling/enabling the extension to do this but it is a bit tedious and error-prone (I have accidentally hit the "Remove" button instead of the "Enable" or "Disable" button a couple times.)

My original post:

Thanks again for you great addon!

I thought this was fixed, but it still happens sometimes.  The steps given above do not work to trigger it, but I still have it occasionally pop-up a new mail indicator when I click on the account in the menu, resulting in the indicator not being reset to 0.