Paying for Protonmail script

I am paying 15 USD for a working script. Payment will be with Crypto or Paypal. Let me know if you can do it

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Someone requested for script.

I checked if I can make it.

Unfortunenately, I couldn't.

Just wondering without knowing much about how a script is made, why Protonmail is harder than ie. gmail, yahoo etc.

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X-notifier handles login process instead of you.

Protonmail has more complicated login process than gmail, yahoo.

I think Protonmail needs seperate extension which does not handle login like X-notifier Neo.

Your last sentence of previous reply can be interpreted different ways.
So, to clarify...

X-Notifier scripts the login process to each email provider.
(But you haven't found a way to do that for Protonmail.)

X-Notifier Neo does not script logins... it detects accounts already logged in.
However... X-Notifier Neo does not handle Protonmail either... because it's limited to Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, iCloud, and AOL.... yes?

So one must find some other extension... one that checks Protonmail which is already logged in...  yes?

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If I could add Protonmail to X-notifier Neo, it is best.

However, login detection of Protonmail needs extra funtions which is not in X-notifier Neo.

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Hey tobwithu(s),
I thought one can use xnotifier with manual login by implementing the checkLogin function?

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It's possible but very confusing to users.

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I would love to see XN have the ability to remember USER/PASS but allow me to manually LOGIN to each account

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If you leave password as blank, your account will be in red.

If you shift+click the account, password popup will show up.

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Ok, it will cause continuous questions. I understand.