X-notifier Reloaded 3.5.26 hotmail not working

I have three hotmail accounts that I have X-notifier Reloaded checking.  A day or so ago I noticed that two of the three accounts are showing "not checked".

The one hotmail account that is working I have set as my primary/default account in X-notifier.

If I right click and select any of the three hotmail accounts, it opens a tab with the correct hotmail account.

Is anyone else having this problem with hotmail?

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I have a similar issue with two of my hotmail accounts - both are the new "beta" versions.

I was able to move a slider on one of the accounts to roll back the beta and now that one is working with X-notifier again.  The other one does not seem to have this slider in the upper right corner of the main page.  Anyone know if there is another way to revert to the old version?

Also, is anyone working on a hotmail/outlook script that works with the beta version?


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I implemented 2 (tobwithu vs 4) updates recently (one involving the beta version):

These updates didn't reach X-Notifier Reloaded yet as included Hotmail script, because that needs a new Reloaded release from ewwink (3.5.27). So you should (re-)add the updated script as external script:

NB: I only have one hotmail account, so cannot check the possibility of a multiple account issue.