Doesn't work with Yahoo's 'New Mail'....have to use Yahoo 'Classic Mail'

I have 4.0.3 of X-notifier. Using Yahoo Classic mail in Firefox 54.0, X-notifier works well. If I switch to the new Yahoo mail (not sure when they released it, but today was the first day it convinced me to try it), X-notifier doesn't work...the Yahoo account is red and does not check/notify of new emails.

I tried X-notifier Neo, but that didn't recognize the Yahoo account, whether using either Yahoo's Classic Mail or their New Mail. I logged into to Gmail and Hotmail and Neo recognized those ok, but didn't pick up the Yahoo account. As Yahoo is my primary email, I'll stick with the original X-notifier and (at least for now) Yahoo's Classic Mail.

I have Firefox 54 (Portable, 64 bit) and Firefox 54 (32 bit), and X-Notifier 4.0.3 ... my Yahoo Mail is set to 'full featured', colored background (as opposed to 'Basic', white background) ... and X-Notifier checks and finds new email.
I used to run 'Classic', but as far as I know, it's the New yahoo mail now.
I can no longer find any reference to returning to 'Classic' in yahoo mail settings... just 'full featured' vs 'basic'. Are  you seeing any link titled 'Return to Classic mail' still?


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I've been running 'Classic Mail' in 'full feature' mode with full colors or background picture themes with no issues with x-notifier.

I think the 'New' Yahoo Mail I had problems with today is an even newer 'full feature' webmail interface they're just developing/launching- maybe not even launched to all users. When I opened my mail this morning it gave the option to try it. I generally liked it but because I had the issue with X-notifier, I'm currently sticking with the 'Classic Mail' view.

The way to switch to the 'New' Yahoo Mail seems to be via a small link on the bottom left of the 'Classic Mail' view "Try the new Yahoo Mail". Once in the new interface, you can get back to 'Classic Mail' via the mail settings.

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Also, when you try the new Mail if you choose to go back to 'Classic Mail' it requires you to enter feedback - so it does seem like it's a completely new interface they're wanting feedback on.


I just tried it again, and my Yahoo account in X-notifier turns red, looses the Yahoo icon, and doesn't update. Switched back to 'Classic' and X-notifier is happy again.

Well, I don't have any link option to try a new version, so I guess it's time to wait and see...

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My wife doesn't get the 'Try the new Yahoo Mail' link either, so it seems to be at a staggered test/rollout stage.

I guess the confusion with my original post is

a) I didn't realize, but it's not available to everyone yet

b) They used the same 'New Yahoo Mail' and 'Classic Mail' terminology with the last major update (~2012?) 

c) there currently seems to be no info on the internet (that I could find) for the latest new Yahoo Mail.

What is now being refered to as 'Classic' in the new version is still the current 'Full Featured' for those who don't have the link to try the newest offering, and the original 'Classic' is refered to as 'Basic' in the current settings. If you open the 'Basic' Yahoo Mail it's link to the 'newest' Yahoo Mail only takes you to the current 'Full Featured'. Hopefully not too confusing :)

The newest 'New Mail' seemed a nice step forward but X-notifier compatibaility means I'm sticking with 'Classic' for now. Hopefully it will become clearer once the newst Yahoo Mail is widely released...and hopefully whatever prevents X-notifier working with it will be fixed too.


There is no reference to 'classic' on my yahoo mail. It's a choice between fully featured and basic. As of this week, X Notifier stopped working with my 3 yahoo addresses - whether set to fully featured or basic. If you click on the icon it will log you in - but only if you sign in first and keep signed in. There is no automatic login however. Plus there is no notification for new mail. Have now installed Yahoo Mail Notifier which does alert new mail, though as with X Notifier you have to click the icon. The downside with both is that you have to stay logged in which is not ideal for security.

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Same behavior as popsy for my one yahoo account.
Obviously the script's login process needs to get updated. (icon click doesn't log you in: the script's viewURL just takes you to the yahoo inbox page when you are already logged in)
I had a look at the script, but it's process function has a staggering 15 stages dealing with the login response. Of course part of that is for the 2-step login, but still not very motivating to dive in...

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Today I also got the request to update from Classic to New Yahoo...
The link is not on the Classic page itself, but on a separate page.
Yahoo stops working on XN 4.0.3 because this page blocks XN from working correctly. After choosing to stay on Classic, it simply works again after manual login.

And yes, the link 'Try the New Yahoo Mail' now shows on the Classic page (left below).

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The option for trying the 'New' Yahoo Mail is still being offered to me. When I logged in to my mail today a pop-up asked 'still using classic Yahoo Mail? We're making changes we think you'll love' ...with a link to 'Try the new Mail'.

And if I click 'Maybe Later' in the bottom left of my 'Full Featured' ('Classic') email I have the option to 'Try the new Yahoo Mail'.

I'd paste some screenshots, but I don't think this forum supports pictures/attachments.

As I said, my wife doesn't get the try 'new Mail' option yet so it may not be fully launched. I had problems with the new Mail, but 'Full Featured' is still working with x-notifer for me.

Just a note... There are photo sharing sites, such as, that will host a screenshot image and provide you with a link to the photo that you can share anywhere.
You can google:  free image hosting  ...for other sites.

It may be possible to use an application password (by turning on 2-step authentication and using 'generate app password'), or... go to account settings and 'turn on less secure sign-in' (for old apps)... see:

I use a couple other mail apps and the less secure sign-in... although there is a constant post-login nag screen to turn it off. I also allow Chrome to save the login.

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I cannot get it to work on Chrome either, perhaps it is a Yahoo problem as my phone doesnt sign me on either?

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Yahoo doesn't work anymore, it seems they changed the way it handles the password. I checked the yahoo script but it is much more complicated than yandex (which I fixed recently)

Let's hope tobwithu fixes the script for the 4.0.x branch so we can import it to the 3.5.x version.



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4.0.3 handles skipping of login correctly, when already being logged in manually.
I tried modifying version 3.5.23 with that working part of 4.0.3, but that calls a convenient function setCookies (in checkLogin) from the basic underlying code depending on object boolean cookies, to make handling cookie storage more coding-friendly for each script. So obviously one cannot use a 4.0.x script as is in 3.5.x without modifying it to the underlying version 3.5.x interface. But I am also waiting for admin to fix the login process in version 4. (login form has changed and html login now runs over 2 pages/forms like gmail)

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login form has changed and html login now runs over 2 pages/forms like gmail

That's definitely the problem. When we get the updated version it will be very easy to adapt the code to work properly with X-notifier 3.5

I lack the knowledge to fix it by myself.

You are probably wasting time and effort trying to fix 3.5.x. The Mozilla website says that all legacy add-ons will be incompatible by November when they expect to release Firefox 57. They are currently working on a whole new set of APIs that will be (more) compatible with other browsers. Check the Mozilla website for WebExtensions.

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I know, but I have to use the 3.5 branch because I use a script not included by default and, for now, X-Notifier 4 for Firefox does not support scripts. Also, in november anyone can start to use the ESR branch to defer migration to the new WebExtensions only version.


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I managed to convert vs 4.1.3 back to vs 3 and make it work for both my accounts (Classic and New Yahoo inteface). It involved reimplementing the cookieManager code of vs 3, because cookie handling in vs 4 is done in the XN Main, Handler code by calling it´s function setCookies.

But I don´t use 2 step and I´m not sure whether I have to reimplement that vs 3 code part in the script. XN vs 4 Yahoo apparently does not need that part. So I need someone using 2 step verification to test if I should also reimplement that part that also involves cookie storing.

I will start a new thread for this. Perhaps also for ewwink´s X-Notifier-Reloaded...

NB: There is a separate X-notifier 3.x for Firefox (deprecated) forum now.

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Forget my request for 2-step verification.
I applied 2-step for my 2nd account and testing it on my other (desktop) computer noticed it should be implemented. XN does not popup the 2-step. So I'll give it a try and report back.

Is it like vs 4 does not do 2-step?

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Sloppy design. Unpredictable. 


And please delete this profile.

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Temporary workaround, use IMAP (only for version 3.5.x):

1. Go here and disable secure login:

2. Config for IMAP:


link (to go to the inbox):

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link (to go to the inbox): https://  ??.???

SO I can update User Guide... Thanks.

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You're welcome!

For gmail the link is:

But it will get you to the inbox you're currently logged in (the same happens with yahoo) if you use multiple accounts. That's the problem with this method, but it works perfectly with one account.


If you define multiple IMAP accounts, one for each gmail... they will check for new email on each separate gmail... and, with Link defined for each, once  you click the gmail account in X-Notifier drop-down menu, you'll get the generic gmail login page, but  you should be presented with a list of  your accounts and if you choose the appropriate accounts separately, you can have multiple tabs open to separate gmail accounts with the secondary tabs labeled with an underline indicating separate context/sessions.
I have done this, however I have not tried to access additional features of each account like Google Docs or something to see if it gets confused... I believe that was the case with the webmail script multiple tabs. I don't want to go that far in testing the permutations. Just that I have three gmails defined as three separate IMAP accounts and can open each of the three accounts in separate tabs at the same time... IF the Link is defined to the login page and you choose the three separate accounts appropriately.
I'm done with this now ;)

Why do you need link, or where do you put? Is this only for Neo?

That link is just to have a destination to go to if you actually click the account in X-Notifier drop-down menu (not Options) or when there's new mail and click the X-Notifier envelope icon, etc, etc... and it just happens to have the word 'neo' in the address but has nothing to do with the Neo version of X-Notifier. Its only use is when defining email access via IMAP or POP3 script... which is now only available in the Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird/Sea Monkey X-Notifier version 3.5.23 and older. 
You may put a login page link address in the "Link" box (under the Alias box) when you're defining an IMAP or POP3 script access... many email providers like Microsoft, Yahoo, Gmail, etc., still have POP3 and/or IMAP access.  I've tried to point that out to Firefox users before, but ...whatever.  
Using IMAP or POP3 script allows another way to auto-check email accounts that support access that way.  While it still autochecks for new email... the Links just generally take you to the login page and unlike the custom webmail scripts, don't auto-log you into your inbox... but it gets you halfway there when you have to use IMAP/POP3.
 You can also use the Link box to start a separate email client like Thunderbird... 
...for example, by entering in a local file link, such as:

I'm glossing over a little, maybe, but it's late and I grow tired of endless minutiae.

Thank you. At least the IMAP in the drop-down goes black (as opposed to the yahoo in gray) and it actually appears to check, but it doesn't notify.

Have you sent  yourself a test email? (to trigger new check results)
By "doesn't notify", do you mean it doesn't pop up an alert notice in lower right corner of screen or it doesn't show a new email count on the X-Notifier envelope icon?
My IMAP defined accounts do both... show a new email count increase and are listed in a pop up.

P.S. There is a way to add an icon for those accounts that don't show one, like IMAP or POP3, etc., so that it shows shiny bright (not gray muted) when the account is successfully checked... besides, as you notice, the name being black rather than gray.
CFBancroft recently updated his instructional user guide post... which I believe is listed not far down the 'Recent' posts forum page.
Ok, link to it:
I usually save the favicon.ico file to my computer and use a local link, like:
(Or I use the program IrfanView to save any graphics as an appropriately sized .ico icon file.)

Too Much Info, maybe, but... :)

Your explanations are very well thought out and described, thank you very much. And you're right, I should have sent test email.

Ah, thank you so much.  It is highly appreciated!

The IMAP method is just allow to check and count new emails in case of multiple accounts? After the check, we have to manually log in to the required ones? Right?

The IMAP and POP3 scripts of X-Notifier 3.5.23 and older... are elder scripts for those old ways of accessing email providers.  Many webmail providers still offer access via IMAP or POP3. (Google: yourWebmailProviderName IMAP settings)
So when a more direct and customized webmail script fails, we can often fall back to IMAP or POP3 access... which still allows for auto-checking for new email, but clicking the account in X-Notifier's drop-down list will not auto-log  you directly into your inbox.  When defining IMAP or POP3 access, you have the option to enter a Link ...which can be either the login webpage or a local file link to an email client program.  So, if using the Link to webmail login page, you will have to manually log in, but clicking the account in X-Notifier (or X-Notifier's envelope when the account has new email) will take you to the login page without having to bookmark or manually enter it separately.  If you generally use a third party email client program... you can use the Link box to start it, as I mentioned, with a local file link to the executable... for example, for Thunderbird:
You can define separate IMAP/POP3 for each account that supports those access methods.
I have 3 gmail accounts... I defined 3 IMAP script accounts, one for each of my gmails... with those three IMAP definitions, X-Notifier checks each gmail account and shows new emails counts specifically for each account... and I can click each account (with the link defined in the IMAP definition's "Link" box), and each account clicked will take me to the Gmail login page, where I am presented with a choice of my three accounts... and if I separately choose each appropriate account, which I clicked to get the login page... I can have three tabs open, one tab for each account inbox, and the secondary account tabs will show a tab label with an underline under the account inbox label.
Now, trying to use Google apps from each tab may result in confused apps, I don't know, I'm not going to test that far... suffice it to say you can have multiple tabs to multiple gmail inboxes, if you properly select from the login pages presented when you click the accounts in X-Notifier.


well, as good as it's going to get perhaps with IMAP... One last thing for me, it's working pretty well, I understand I still have to log in. But it removes the notification as soon as I hit the login page (without entering anything yet). Is there a way to stop this behaviour?

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I think the "reset counter when opening messages" setting doesn't affect IMAP/POP accounts so my guess is there's no way to change this.

On X-Notifier, Options, General tab, with "Reset counter..." option checkmarked... it's the act of opening the account via X-Notifier that resets the X-Notifier count, not what kind of script is used, nor what's actually 'read' at the provider. If you have 1000 new emails and click the account via X-Notifier drop-down menu, then that 1000 count goes away (whether you've read the new email at your provider or not), until you get -more- new email... how X-Notifier remembers what's new or newer (unread) mail, I don't know. That's how it's always worked on my POP3/IMAP accounts, if I remember right.  (I believe at some point, X-Notifier sometimes picks up the 'unread' count again, rather than comparatively new mail... because I've seen it return to a large count in notifications... I think.)
If you UNcheck that option ('Reset counter when opening messages') in X-Notifier Options, General tab... then X-Notifier goes solely by the unread email count at the email provider, I believe, not whether something is actually 'new' email since your last review... as you read emails at your provider, or new ones come in at your provider, then the count will change... I believe. I prefer it to reset, as I will have reviewed what email is there, whether I read it or not... and then am notified if there's something newer since my last review. So there's the choice of being notified of 'new' or 'unread', depending on how you set the reset option.

This is what I have found. Would it be then that the notifier serves good purpose only if you do not click on the account? And in so doing (ie not doing) generally would work as normal (re notifications)?

Depends on what you want to be notified of... 'new' or simply 'unread'.
I prefer 'new' (or 'newer' than my last review when I clicked the account in X-Notifier).
I edited my previous post, so you might have another look at that.

reset counter unchecked, seems to be doing what I want, marking messages unread derives expected behaviour. I have a favicon so that was a great addition to your posts. So there is just one very small issue left. Notifier starts counting at 2 instead of 1.

Is there a 'hidden' unread email somewhere? 
maybe in a subfolder or something, just a thought

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POP will count up and stay the same number until I click or restart Firefox.

IMAP will count up and count down, when I check my iPhone, clean up my email and XNotifier will recheck every 10 minutes (depend on your setting).

I hope it helps.

What is your 'Reset counter...' setting in General tab of X-Notifier, Options... checkmarked or UNcheckmarked?  Which browser/version of X-Notifier? And this is on your Mac, yes?


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If I checked [X] Reset counter when opening message...
It will screw up IMAP.

If I uncheck [  ] Reset counter when opening message...
It will properly counts accord to IMAP.

For  POP... I only one account, I just ignorant after I check once a day.

This is MAC with Firefox 54.0 with XN 3.5.23 (with update scripts) I did not go for 3.5.24 because both are same.

I hope that I answer your question.

I am now using Notifier for Yahoo Mail as a Firefox (ESR) add on. If you click on the icon it takes you to Yahoo login. It also gives a new mail count but only if you are already signed in.


Today I got the pop-up 'Still using Classic Yahoo Mail?' with the button to 'Try the new Yahoo Mail' ...which I'm going to ignore for now, until we have a new X-Notifier version, I think. Or maybe I'll test it and go back... later. ;)
(Right now, my yahoo new mail count starts at one, when I have one new.)