Two important scripts and both stopped working today. Manual login works well. Can anyone check what's wrong. Many thanks in advance.

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Same problem here, I use a lot, please take a look at this problem.

Thanks in advance.

There are no visual changes on the login page, so, probably, the page link itself or some minor details should be changed in the code to get the script up and runnning. Please help who can.

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I'm not an expert but I modified the script (lines 9 and 23) and now it works. Here's the modified code:

(copy the code, save as: and import in X-Notifier)

Compare with the original:


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You might send it to and maybe the admin will post it to Scripts here.

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Done, thanks for the advice.

Kalimist, awesome. It works now. Thank you!

Could you please advise where did you find the correct "this.dataURL" and "this.getHtml" parameters? I'd like to modify the script too.

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Try this one for, both scripts are similar and this should work well for .ru domain:

Save as: yandex.js

I don't understand the inference to there being two scripts, I see only one. Not only that, the script file has .ru all in those places but has worked fine for a .com email address. Up until yesterday that is.

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There are two scripts, one for .com and one for .ru:

I never saw the older one. I have been using 3/6/2015 (.ru) for a .com address, working perfectly (until yesterday). This suggests it should be able to be edited to work for both. Will we get properly posted script(s) with the revisions?

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Try this one:

It should work for you if you were using the .ru version of the script.

Kalimist, both scripts work like a charm now! Thanks!

I made 3 edits manually to .ru (which is the most recent posted), as indicated above. It works fine for .com address.

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Kalimist, thank you. Script for .ru works perfectly.

Since today both scripts stopped checking.

jeroen, you as a guru, would you please check  :) I can provide the testing account if needed. It seems a minor fix is required. Thanks in advance!

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please help update this script

I wanted to emphasize that as suggested above, I believe only the ru script is needed for both address types (not sure what happens if you have both). I have one .com address and has always worked with the ru script (until about 3 days ago, as has already been indicated here). Just trying to make this easier please...

This is on 3.5.23

Where are you? Anybody?

Is this being looked into please?

Новый рабочий скрипт

Спасибо! Thanks!

yandex stopped working again. Can anyone check this?

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please update script for Yandex

var name=""; 
var ver="2018-07-25"; 
var hostString=""; 
function init() { 
  this.loginData=["", "login", "passwd", "retpath="+encodeURIComponent("")]; 

function getCount(aData) { 
  // 2018-02-21     
  // var fnd = aData.match(/"status":"ok","data":{"new":(\d+)/);\ 
  // 2018-07-25 
  var fnd = aData.match(/"data":{"data":{"new":(\d+)/); 
  return fnd?fnd[1]:-1; 

function process(aData,aHttp){ 
  case ST_LOGIN_RES: 
  case ST_DATA: 
    return false; 
  return this.baseProcess(aData,aHttp); 

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Спасибо. А зачем в вашем скрипте function process?

а что вы мне спрашивайте, спросите автора xnotifier. 
возьмите любой скрипт везде есть init  и process . 
скорее какая то связь с самим расширением. Я нового ничего не придумывал, только одну строчку из старого скрипта поправил.

Благодарность (ru) script stopped checking email again. Can anyone fix it? Thank you!

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Please update the script for Yandex! (ru) script stopped checking email again.

Can anyone fix it?

Thank you!

Новый скрипт:

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pangasiys, огромное спасибо! Пока всё работает. Единственное, что если установлена двухфакторная авторизация через временный пароль от яндекс.ключ, то пароль от такого ящика уже не подходит после перезапуска браузера. Но тут скорее всего дело не в скрипте, придется не закрывать браузер.

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pangasiys, сейчас потестировал повнимательнее ящик  яндекса с двухфакторной авторизацией. Всё-таки пароль от яндекс.ключа сбрасывается сейчас не после перезапуска браузера, а сразу после повторной проверки почты (в зависимости от того, какой интервал проверки почты задан). Это нереально поправить как-то в скрипте, чтобы хотя бы до закрытия браузера пароль яндекс.ключа подходил? На одном из моих ящиков всё-таки не хотелось бы отключать двухфакторную авторизацию.

не знаю, что там можно сделать, мне нет телефона на yandex, не могу посмотреть даже.

и сегодняшний способ, скорее, долго не проживёт, при малейших изменениях, уже цифру не найдёт

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Hi pangasiys (and tobwithu),
Your yandex script gets very simple translated to a working script for

1. Update line 4 to:  var name=""; 
    -  (and the script name in the comment on line 2)
2. Remove line 6:    var hostString="";
3. Replace all by


Привет пангасийс,
Ваш скрипт yandex очень просто переводится в рабочий скрипт для

1. Обновите строку 4: var name = "";
     - (и название скрипта в комментарии в строке 2)
2. Удалить строку 6: var hostString = "";
3. Заменить все на

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I have tried to add the yandex script using my domain name. But does not work.  Did I do this corectly?

1. selected scripts in x-notifier

2. entered email address and password.

3. imported script

4. save.

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I was able to succesfully import the script into chrome and set up is working.

I can not find how to import into firefox.

Does anyone know how to make it work in firefox?


thank you.

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That is because you cannot import scripts for the Firefox Quantum version of X-notifier. Mozilla does not offer that possibility to the addon developer (tobwithu in this case) for security reasons (meaning this would expose the firefox user to hacking).