Neo not working properly

I have just upgraded from regular X-notifier.

Neo has grabbed my Hotmail ok, my main gmail ok, and about 5 of my 8 other gmail accounts. No matter what I do, it will not grab the remaining 3.

Ive uninstalled the old X-notifier, reinstalled the Neo, cleared cache and logins in the Firefox browser, kept the 3 email accounts open in the browser for hours, sent test emails to them to see if it picks up incoming emails. None of this works.

These 3 they are not picking up were the 3 that I had in the previous X-notifier (the other 5 it has picked up were not on there, but the main gmail was). I guess this has something to do with it.

Neo really needs a feature so we can add it manually, as this automatic detection does not work correctly.

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Any response?

Its even worse now. The other gmail accounts I added just disappear. Now the only one left is hotmail.

This auto-detect is useless. Just doesn't work. Why dont you make it so people can add them in, like the old one.

Why did you switch to Neo... (which accounts were not working in 3.5.23)?

There are modified scripts for Gmail and for Yahoo Mail checking that work for X-Notifier 3.5.23 ...for most people. See:

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Hi, i'm having quite a similiar problem here.

I don't always check my email, and lately i was quite busy IRL, so i haven't used my laptop that much in a past few weeks. Today i've decided to check my emails, and found out that my X-Notifier icon is gray and has a blue "loading" icon on it all the time. I've opened up a dropdown menu and saw that my list of accouts (12) mostly consists of "undefined" lines, and only #1 (my main Gmail account), #5 (my old and long unused Gmail account that i've once used for private chat with my ex university classmate) and #12 (my very long unused mailbox, that i had to create to register an account in Microsoft Games for Windows Live and play a racing game "FUEL") are working as usual. All my other 9 accounts (some Gmail, some, one, one and something else) are all marked as "undefined" and aren't updating or opening up when i click on them. Right now, as i'm typing in this message, the #3 account (anoher Gmail, used for one-time registrations on all sotrs of doubtful/suspicious websites where i don't want to put in my actual e-mail, but still have to make an account to download teh desired file/access the website's functional) popped up in the list (changed to it;'s name and number of unread emails from "undefined"). So it's almost not working, so i just had to go here to learn what's happening and found this new "X-Notifier Neo". Tried installing it, but it only picks up my #1 and #5 accounts from the list i've mentioned before, and i totally don't see a way to add the other scripts/mailboxes that i need (much more than that #5 account which i haven't got any messages to for around 5 years or so already). 

What's wrong? Whatcould be done to fix this issue and get the full list of my mail accounts, and the same functional that i had in the old X-Notifier?

Oh yes, i guess i have to mention that i'm using X-Notifier in Google Chrome (v 60.0.3112.101 (official build), (64 bit).) under Windows 7 x64 (with all available updates)

I also have some other web browsers, which include:

Mozilla Firefox (version 55.0.2 (32-bit))

Internet Explorer (version 11.0.9600.18762 / Update version 11.0.45 (KB4034733)

Maxthon 5 (MX5) (version Beta)

Opera (version 47.0.2631.55 (PGO))

Yandex Browser (version

Tor Browser Bundle (version 6.5.2)

though Google Chrome is my main browser that i'm using most of the time, and i need a fully-functional X-Notifier (or similiar) plugin in it to keep track of all my mail accounts (and i don't really want to set up a mail redirection to one Gmail account at all)

So yeah, we need user scripts or manual adding of different mailboxes in Neo as well, as it was in the classic version of the plugin. Are you going to make that functional anytime soon in Neo too (like, less than a month or around that) or is it better to start searching for the alternative mail-checking plugin/software right now?

What version is showing for X-Notifier in Chrome, Extensions list?
I remember seeing 'undefined' show up, but I forgot what caused it, what I did to fix it.
Seems like I shutdown Chrome and restarted and my accounts were all there, but I'm not sure.
Do you have a good Exported backup?  If so, you could delete all the account definitions in X-Notifer and import your backup.
The Chrome version of X-Notifier (4.1.3) still works fine with custom scripts, and should for the forseeable future.

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It's 4.1.3. 2 year old backup kinda worked, but with a strange effect that i can't descibe because your automatic spam filter blocks my message if i do so.

First, I'm just another user so it's not -my- filter... and second, there's not really an automatic spam filter, that I've seen (and I've been around for a while), but some users can report spam to get it removed, and do so.  Don't know why anything would block your posts.  Couldn't you just type a regular dumb text describing it?
It's good to have more than one exported backup ;).