X-notifier deleted my feed list

A while ago I stopped getting updates from my email and various sites I frequent. I checked X-notifier and found that the plugin updated and deleted my feeds. Is it possible for me to restore the feeds at all?

I see in my own version of X-Notifier 4.02, that I still have RSS feed definitions.
Others have downgraded and recovered their account definitions...
You can try reinstalling X-Notifier 3.5.23 ...it can be downloaded here:  https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/xnotifier/versions
...and you should then turn off automatic updates (just for X-Notifier) by going to FF Tools, Addons, find X-Notifier, click 'More', scroll down to 'Automatic Updates' and select 'Off'... so that it doesn't auto-update to 4.02 right away.
Then, in 3.5.23, be sure to Export (backup) your account definitions by going to X-Notifier 'Options', scroll down and click 'Export'.
After doing that... if you want, you can update back to 4.02 and Import your accounts.  HOWEVER, 4.02 was forced to drop POP3/IMAP and custom scripts because Mozilla has changed the programming interface for future Firefox versions.  Mozilla is not yet'enforcing' this change... so 3.5.23 can still be used until they do.  4.02 still supports hotmail/outlook/etc accounts, gmails, yahoo, and AOL.  I have not tried my RSS feeds yet... but since they were imported, I assume they will work... all other non-supported accounts simply will not be imported.

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Hey, it works! I got all my feeds back! Thank you!

So when Firefox starts preventing the use of POP3/IMAP, what do I do for my feeds then?

RSS feeds still work in XN 4.x, you can select RSS script when defining feeds.
POP3/IMAP are scripts for email accounts from providers that support access via POP3/IMAP... unfortunately X-Notifier 4.x cannot support POP3/IMAP scripts, but XN 3.5.23 does as long as you can use it.

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Bottomline that SeaMonkey and  Thunderbird will NEVER remove POP3/IMAP!

Because both are "email client".

Also RpD, jeroen, and Vess have their good comments!

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