X-notifier 4.0.2 bug on firefox now

does not work anymore on firefox 50.0.1 !!
Every opening of firefox opens a tab


All config password and hotmail address deleted every time.

Need every time import my save firefox.xn

Try reinstalling X-Notifier.
I have the portable version 50.0.1 and X-Notifier 4.0.2 ...and I only had to Import my backup once... they are working fine together.
The re-appearance of the 'thank you...' tab is usually fixed by reinstalling... and hopefully that fixes your Import too.

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Firefox 50.0.2 with XN 4.0.2 here.

Yes, I too lost the configured accounts. Not a problem, exported from another browser and imported them. The accounts are there. They open when I click on them. But the icon does not show that I have unread messages. In the menu, the names of the accounts are both in red, despite that one of them has unread messages and the other doesn't.

Tried uninstalling the add-on and re-installing it. No change in behavior.

What's the point of a "notifier" that doesn't notify you that you have unread messages?!

Oh, and BTW, clicking on Help or Open in the menu (the one that appears when you click on the XN icon) does nothing at all.

P.S. On Chrome (again version 4.0.2, accounts imported from the same export file as on Firefox) the extension works just fine - shows the number of unread messages on the icon. I guess the red account names in Firefox mean that XN was unable to log in? Any ideas why? It's just two accounts - Yahoo! Mail and GMail.

Just FYI...
So I upgraded FF to 50.0.2 (from 50.0.1), with XN 4.02.  
It continues to work fine for my three hotmail/outlook/live accounts, three gmails, Yahoo, and AOL account...
...however, on first check, it only does my first gmail... the other two are red initially, but they are checked at the next checking time interval, or, if I click Check Now. Have you tried 'Check Now' just to see if it reacts?  And.. when you click them, you're logged directly into your inbox?
- If you have no notifications, then "Open" will do nothing, as its purpose is to immediately open all your accounts that have new mail counts showing... in their own tabs.
And yes, currently it seems clicking Help does nothing... it should be opening the X-Notifier "FAQs" forum in a new tab.
I would probably try just deleting the two accounts, restart my browser, and then redefine them.

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Well, maybe it works for you but it definitely doesn't work for me. Maybe some other add-on is interfering with it? I'm grasping at straws here... Is there a way to get some kind of debug information - to see what is actually failing?

I only have one Yahoo and one Gmail account. Neither works. One more thing. Before the 4.x update, every time I started Firefox, it would ask me for my master password - presumably so that XN could decrypt the passwords for my e-mail accounts and check them. This no longer happens. It is as it sees no configured accounts.

Yes, OF COURSE I tried Check Now manually, I am not an idiot. Nothing happens, except some red square briefly appearing over the icon (instead of the moving red dot that was used before). The account names remain in red on the menu and it does not notify me that there are unread messages.

Before, clicking on the icon when there were no unread messages would open my first e-mail account, so I assumed this is what clicking on the Open menu does. Well, it doesn't do that - and clicking on the icon no longer does it, either. Not a big deal, but the lack of notifiation is a game-breaker.

I did delete the accounts and re-imported them. Uninstalled the add-on and re-installed it. Restarted the browser many time. IT DOESN'T WORK!

P.S. Oh, this is just lovely. Deleting all the accounts configured in XN's options, restarting the browser - and all the accounts are still there! OK, it's official - version 4.x is unusable piece of trash that doesn't work.

Oh, yes... I forgot that if there are no notifications, XN defaults to opening the very first account in the Options list of acct definitions.

There's a way to generate a log file, but from what I've seen it's only of use to the developer... and he's not always at immediate beck and call.
I'm just another X-Notifier user trying to help... I understand you're frustrated with the situation, nobody is suggesting you're not capable (or an 'idiot').  We ask about things so I (and others reading this) will know how things (like 'Check Now') are working so we can guesstimate how to help.  Every little byte helps to figure how the software is working or not... everyone's machine is different. It's hard to say if another add-on is conflicting... you could try disabling them all, then enable just X-Notifier and restart your browser... just to see if it works at all. 

 - Sometimes things get corrupted and it takes tedious persistance to clean it out without knowing exactly where it is... or ...you have to create a new Firefox profile and install X-Notifier by itself to see if it works, then reinstall other addons and abandon the old profile... if it's worth it to you.   Another thing to try, I suppose is clearing 'cookies'... 

Mozilla is forcing a big rewrite onto all the add-on developers by changing its application programming interface.  So...
- I'll note that you can, if you want, for the time being, continue to use version 3.5.23 untill Mozilla locks down the new changes.
The following is copied from another of my posts... I know you already know about Exporting. I write sometimes simply so that everybody reading can understand...
You can download 3.5.23 here:    https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/xnotifier/versions
...reinstall and you should then turn off automatic updates (just for X-Notifier) by going to FF Tools, Addons, find X-Notifier, click 'More', scroll down to 'Automatic Updates' and select 'Off'... so that it doesn't auto-update to 4.02 right away.
Then... in 3.5.23, be sure to Export (backup) your account definitions by going to X-Notifier 'Options', scroll down and click 'Export'.
Later, thngs may change... in this software or on your machine ...and when Mozilla forces the new programming, we'll all have to Import accounts into XN 4.x, as just installing the newer/later version doesn't read in the old accounts.



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I can't disable and enable extensions one-by-one (or even half-by-half), sorry. I use way to many of them (more than 70). The extensions and what they do is the main reason why I am sticking with Firefox. Without them, it's just a slow, insecure, crappy browser... If it wasn't for the extensions, I'd switch to Pale Moon or something - the kind of nice, fast browser that Firefox used to be...

Yes, I know that I can install an older version of XN and not update. But that's temporary - eventually it will stop working in the new Firefox, too. I'd like to have the problem fixed. (And I dread to think what will happen to my 70+ extensions when Firefox stops supporting the old model.)

I did manage to get rid of the accounts, one-by-one (well, there are only two of them). Re-created them manually. No can do - doesn't work.

Deleted the cookies - doesn't help.

Looked at the error console - there is nothing about XN there.

This is so horribly frustrating!

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What I have is Pale Moon 27.0.1 for Mac



Also I use RightBar for mine XN 3.5.23 on RIGHT Sidebar



X-Notifier 3.5.23



XN ... Export and Import into Pale Moon...


I know YOU WILL LOVE IT! (For now I will use Firefox until no longer work... I will switch to this!)

We just keep prayer that Tobwithu will maintance/support 3.5.23 and later!

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I tried to switch to PaleMoon about six months ago, when I heard what Firefox plans to do to the extensions. Used it for a while but was forced to dump it eventually. Way too incompatible, many extensions don't work, latest version introduced even more incompatibilities and it was game over for me, back to Firefox.

Firefox before Australis was such a great browser; I really don't understand why the software producers have this urge to mess up their products... Ah, nevermind. I'm back to XN 3.5.23, hopefully version 4.x will start working before Firefox dumps support for the old model...

still not wokring, added 2 Gmail accounts, clicked check now, nothing happens. v4 is too buggy it seems.

sticking with 3.x for now.



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First of all I'm very grateful to the creator of X-Notifier as its work has been of hughe help for me from many years ago. Please, don't let the FF change ruin this amazing complement. Let's go with problems.

I've several gmail (>5) and Yahoo (>5)  email accounts. Current problems for me are:

1 - Do not inspect all accounts, onle 5 or 6. Any other accounts remain in red.

2 - Clicking on any account that is marked as "have email" (i.e. account B), then x-notifier open some other (i.e. account E)

3 - When X-notifier check for new e-mails then it close any session opened in Google at any of the tabs of Firefox. For example, if I'm working in my adwords account and X-notifier check e-mails then this session is closed loosing last work on Adwords

4 - And after point 3, after closing sessions on any other tab, then it check for emails and let one google session remainder for each account checked. So when I attempt to open newly Adwords the Google login show a cascade of opened accounts, that is annoying.

I hope this will help to developer. Thanks another time for your amazing work.

- For #1... I have three gmails ...when I first start Firefox 50.0.2, X-Notifier's first check will only check one gmail (the other two are red), but... if I let them be until the checking time interval passes (or, I click 'Check Now')... then X-Notifier checks -all- my gmails.
- #2, I don't know... maybe what I do for #3 will help...
- For #3... working in gmail tab when X-Notifier checks for mail...
(I've forgotten whether I did this for Firefox or Chrome, but...)
Try opening your gmail work session, by clicking on the X-Notifier envelope icon, then click the account you want to work in.  
Now when X-Notifier checks for mail, it may be able to tell what account is used by that tab you're working in... and won't close it.
This is what I had to do for a long time... I'm not sure if it still works that way ...but I had to -always- open my work session via the X-Notifier account menu (click X-N icon, then click account).  Maybe that will help with #4 also?

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The X-notifier icon is grey and if I click on it, a small white window opens.

In the window there are four items:

Check now, Open, Options, Help

Check now, Open, Help. Don't do anything when clicked.

Options, opens a page in firefox with address: moz-extension://b395c106-df09-48f7-a00a-54eb3e93a57d/options.html

And this is happening on my 3 PCs

I tried cleraring all Firefox history and reinstalling, still not working.

Staying with 3.5.23 for now.



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4.0.2 on ff 50.0.2

1) most emails not checked.

2) checked emails and current logged in emails get confused in the browser.  so it seems difficult to be logged in to two accounts from the same provider

3) all accounts deleted every browser close.  have to re-add from export every time.

stopped testing further.  it has been weeks.  currently looking for a replacement as the dev seems absent.


Any thoughts on good replacements?