how to add account in x-notifier neo

i can't add my account in x-notifier neo

how to do it? account is supported?

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Login to your account.

X-notifier Neo will automatically detect it.

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I've logged in to every account I own, it detects the gmail ones with no issue, however it only detects a single yahoo account and refuses to acknowledge any hotmail account.

I should note that I do have uBlock, NoScript and HTTPS-Everywhere installed. Could one of them be interfering?

2 gmail accounts, no problem. Only detects one of two yahoo acounts.

No detection of account.

I dont know if this maters, but I do have 2 step verification for all accounts.  I can open all five inboxes from within gmail and either yahoo account, and I can also log in to each account manually, which I have done with the accounts that are recognized.



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is it possible to add 2 google accounts ??

and how ? .... only one is deteted for me 


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Windows 10 - Firefox 49 - X-notifier Neo 2.1.1
(installed next to X-notifier 3.5.23 on same Firefox profile)

Gmail multiple accounts - working
Yahoo 1 account - working
Hotmail account for - not working

Win10, FF 49, X-Neo 2.1.1
(disabled X-N 3.5.23, installed X-Neo)
I am using Master Password and have FFox 'remember' most of my logins... seems like it helps for various X-N versions.
I had previoulsy logged in, via websites manually in a new tab, and remembered, some accounts, so...

Gmail, primary account detected immediately; I have three accounts (Neo detects each account as I log in)... working for each one as I log into them (emails listed in Dashboard). When I log out of a Gmail account, it disappears from Neo's drop-down list and from the dashboard, but all three accounts have been remembered in Neo's Settings (click dashboard, click the 'gear' icon... scroll down to see account list).
I have not fussed with logging into multiple accounts at same time... too much hassle, and I don't need that feature.

Yahoo, 1 account detected immediately... working dandy ;)... emails listed in Dashboard.

Hotmail, primary detected immediately; I have three accounts (hotmail,, working for each account as I log into them (emails are listed in Dashboard). Multiple accounts act the same as Gmail... if I log out of account, it disappears; all accounts are shown in Settings. I do not open multiple accounts.

AOL, 1 account, had to manually log in/off a couple times, clicked the AOL icon* once to go to my inbox and Neo rememered it... working... emails listed in Dashboard.

Conclusion... Neo being sometimes temperamental in detection, remembering... but I suggest persistence.
Manually log in to your account in a new tab... then, when you're finished with it and Neo setup, just close the tab... do -not- 'log out'.
You might possibly want to make sure there is some 'unread' mail in your accounts' inboxes.
(And, perhaps, pay attention to browser remembering logins or 'keep me logged in' checkboxes during login... you can sign out later.)

*I can't find the account provider icons at the moment... I remember Neo showing icons across the top of... dashboard, I think icon for each of the supported provider/accounts.  Now I go to dashboard and no icons...



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iCloud is supported in Chrome version only.

This is because of the APIs in Firefox.

Ah. Might want to edit the Neo description on Mozilla Addons page... mentions iCloud.

Oh, and those provider logo/icons... I think they showed up in Dashboard before I had all my accounts defined... I believe there was one for iCloud. I've lost them, can't find the display anymore.