Suggestion: Pause on startup

I  have started using this add-on with Firefox.  For Firefox, I have a master password turned on (Tools >> Options >> Security >> use master password)

When starting Firefox, I am quickly greeted with the password request box, even before firefox loads up.  From there, the program load hangs until I can enter in the password.  Because it's trying to both load and request password, and X-notifier is trying to pull mail status, it makes it difficult to type in the password.

I have tried cancelling out the pop-up box for the master password.  That makes Firefox load faster.  If I do that, X-notifier will not work until I quit and restart again, this time entering in the password first.

Suggestion:  Offer an option to time-delay the first email check.  If x-notifier waited 10seconds until Firefox loaded, I would be happy.  If I could set it longer, it would be even better.

Thank you.

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Solved your problem? (IF NO, please come back here explain more.)

I am NOT sure about X-notifier NEO!

If solved problem, come here and said "Thank You".


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Thank you.  I swear I looked at all the options, and I don't see how I overlooked that.

It was my error to not see what was right in front of me.

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I did tweak topic to show better info...

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