Can't save "open automatically" option

I click it, but when I hit save, the check disappears, and it will not open my emails.

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After save, select your account again to see the values for your account.

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I did. It didn't save and it doesn't open the emails. It doesn't even open them when I click on it. Xnotifier for Firefox works perfectly, but this one doesn't. In FF, I can just click on it and it automatically checks all the emails. This one doesn't even check when I click "check now." When I click "open," nothing opens.

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It seems that your X-notifier settings are broken.

Export X-notifier settings.
Uninstall/resinstall X-notifier.
Import settings again.

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I did that. It said it exported the settings, but I couldn't find them anywhere on the computer to import them. Now it won't even save my email addresses. I'm done. I'll find something else. I don't have time to mess with this.

When I export, it lets/makes me choose a folder and filename to save.
If it wasn't actually saved, it would seem your security settings are too high, or your PC is having problems, or X-Notifier was very corrupt... which could be another indication it needed a good install to begin with. But impatience trumps it all, I guess.

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> When I export, it lets/makes me choose a folder and filename to save.

That's what I was thinking, but I'm shy so I didn't say anything.

The "Export" button saves a file on the hard drive, encoded and password protected to protect all those secret email passwords, but it's a simple function to use.  If there are operating-system problems that prevent a "Save," I would expect other problems to pop up with other applications besides just X-notifier.  If that be the case, I hope dsa2591 can straighten it out, and try again.  I would at least suggest uninstalling and re-installing X-notifier.

X-notifier is a mature program, with increasing convenience the more email accounts you have.  Finding it "Not Working" is completely unusual.  "Giving up" might be an idea if there's no support, but that's not the case here.

After entering all the information for an email account, I have sometimes lost the data by forgetting to hit the "Add" button before flipping to another account.  I had to make that mistake 3 times before learning to stop doing that.  Also, after editing the information for an account, save it by hitting the Add button, and then delete the old, invalid entry.  We don't have a lot of symptoms from dsa2591; maybe the answers are as simple as this.  Hope so.


That's a good point, but I doubt the poster will see it.
I've done that myself. :-/