GMX login error with version 3.3

HelloSinceversion3.3, IhaveaproblemwiththeopeningofmyGMXaccount.Overall, Ihave3GMXaccounts.Thedefaultaccountisopened,theothertwodo not.Error message:Reasonsyouhave beenloggedoffafter3hours of inactivitythesystem. Pleaseloginagain.


IfIuseadifferentaccountas the defaultthentheloginthesebutnolongerworksattheother.I haveanolderversioninstalled,becauseeverything is workingnormally.

Have you tried the latest GMX script?  It's on the Scripts page (link at top of this page) since 4/20/2013.

And   .   .   .        what's      wrong     with     your    space     bar     ?      ?       ?



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No idea how this happened. I write always with spaces.

Of course, I have the current script from 4/20/2013.

new messages are displayed, I can sign in but only in the standard account. for all other, the error message comes.

default account is working fine, but the "second"  gets this errormessage




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the problem is apparently not the script, but the app.
with the old version 3.0 everything works again

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I confirmed the problem.
This will be fixed in next version.

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works now with V3.3.1